TTGo T-Beam howto connect?


can someone tell me, how i can connect the TTGo T-Beam to my computer to flash new code to the Board?

I have installed the Arduino IDE but i can´t select a COM Port, i have installed some drivers but i didn´t works for me


In the Arduino IDE you first have to add support for the ESP32 platform.

See Tools / Boards / Boards Manager, then search for ESP32 and install the package.
You should then be able to select the T-Beam in the list of boards, add the apropriate settings for it and upload a sketch via USB serial.

For more information about TTGO T-Beam check the T-Beam and ESP32 topics here on the forum (you can use the search option to find them).


thanks for your help, if i searching for esp32 there is nothing that i can install.


and the Port is grey, so i can´t select it



Its to be expected that the Boards Manager is blank.

ESP32 is not an ‘Arduino’ and to add support for it in the Arduino IDE you need to vist the Expressif support page and follow the instructions;

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Ok, i have installed the ESP32 Board have Selected the T-Beam Board but i can´t select the Port its greyed out.

If i connect the TTGo T-Beam via USB to my Computer nothing happens, so should i install some drivers? Or have to press a Button on the Board? Can´t find some Devices in the Hardware Manager. I have the Board V1 with 3 buttons.



Look at the computer system configuration and see if you have a com port for the esp device. Most of the time you’re missing the driver for the com chip on the board and you get ? Driver not present.

I can’t give you screenshots, I’m on a Mac but I had to install a specific driver as well.

Hope this helps


ok, i found the mistake. I have testet three different USB kabel and nothing happens, and old kabel works

Thanks for help

hello how did you fix the problem i have exactly the same problem with ttgot-motion

Please do not double / cross post an issue - it splits the efforts of forum contributors, most of whom are volunteers.

You’ve stated you have a T-Motion and this was about the T-Beam. Apart from staying you been following a tutorial, you’ve not provided enough detail. Please provide some detail on your original thread.