TTI gateway mapping

Good morning ,
Are the GW of The thing Industries visible on the TTN mapper?
I was trying to map the coverage of a new TTI gateway with a GPS node.
While it was working for a gateway on the community edition, I do not see any data around it and not even the gateway itself.
The gateways are perfectly working as the appilcations are working.
There ae no other gateways around that could receive the signal.
Thanks for any help.

Here you can see the status TTNmapper:

JP is working hard on it, but in the moment some gateways are not seen on the map. Choose “Advanced Maps” or “Heat Maps” to see the result of your mapping.

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I really appreaciate the hard job is beeing done building this tool.
I found that I could send data more than 150 km away :slight_smile:
I have checked the Project status but did not find the answer.
There will be a TTI , The Things Industries, in the future?
( not TTN V3 or Chirp but this:
Please apologize and delete if this is not the right forum for that.

@inrebusillis if you have a private TTI instance and forward data to TTN Mapper, that data is excepted into the database. The data is tagged with a “network id”.

Currently the website only shows coverage for “” (aka V2) and “NS_TTS_V3://ttn@000013” (aka TTS Community Edition). Other networks’ raw data is still available via the advanced maps, and some via the heatmap.

In the future the mapper will have a subscription offering that allows commercial clients / private networks to view/share their coverage. We are however not yet there and a lot still needs to be done to get there.


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