TTIG-868 not connecting to backend (ttn-router-eu)

I can’t get my TTIG-868 online. It’s connected to the Wifi but keeps on blinking green fast.
I registered it in the console with the id 58a0cbfffe802760, it shows not connected which is probably right because it can’t. Anybody an idea?
Also tried another network but there it even can’t connect to Wifi.

Greetings Joris

I have the same issue. I have a brand new TTIG. The LED is flashing rapidly. I can not help you but I will let you know when I have some progress.

All of a sudden it works now. I have traffic going via my gateway.

I have been in contact with my supplier Antratek Electronics who have contacted there supplier.
It seems to be a problem with registering the CUPS. Semtech was suppossed to do this but obviously something went wrong. I guess they solved the problem, my gateways are working also.