TTIG-915 Indoor Gateways some questions for setup

Hi Folks,
Got 2 TTIG-915 today for testing, connected as AP mode, set my Wifi credentials, save and reboot and my led blink green. Is normal because my network don’t authorize device with fixed IP


  1. How I can set the TTIG-915 as DHCP ip address ?
  2. I want to see the gateway control panel and change server IP, is possible ?

Update No.1

  • I am able to connect the TTIG from a new SSID with only character and number in the password. My previous attemps, used some special character and the TTIG was not able to connect to my WPA-2. So, keep in mind that if you have problem.
  • I have a device who send uplink by the gateway, I can fetch the gateway meta and see my EUI ID of my gateway but I can’t see the traffic of the gateway. Is strange because I am able to see from the Application Data
  • The USB-C connector suck. Just touch a little and disconnect

So now, I really hope to be able to change my network IP but is look like nobody was able. TTIG is cool but without update coming, I’ll not use it.

Please share your experience

Please don’t post the same problem on both Slack and on the forum.

Yes understand and for this reason I decided to update this post here.