TTIG and 5Ghz on mobile access point

The Things Indoor Gateway is great to use as a mobile gateway in combination with your smartphone as a mobile hotspot/access point.

When I set the smartphone as a mobile hotspot on the 2.4Ghz, the indoor gateway can connect to the hotspot without any problems. However, I notice a connect problem when using the 5Ghz band on the smartphone. Is this a known issue?

Erm, dont think this (ESP MCU based) system supports 5Ghz WiFi band…

2.4Ghz only I believe… must confess have only ever run/tried on 2.4Ghz and hadn’t thought to try 5Ghz…!

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That’s right, it doesn’t. So limited to 2.4GHz WiFi.

Thank you both for replying, my smartphone was already set to 5Ghz and the GW could not be connected.
The documentation is clear and 2.4Ghz is fine.

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