TTIG AU915 support

Hi Krishna, do you have an update on the AU915 TTIG support?

Yeah we do actually @maj?

Yes, the good news is that we now have AU915 Basic Station support on the Australia TTN cluster and AS923 coming soon. I have not had a chance to test this yet, but @jbkiwi would you like to try and let us know how it goes?

Yes, happy to do this. How do I test it?

My TTIG is setup to use AU915 plan, on meshed-router with Automatic updates AND beta updates enabled.

At this point, probably register a device and ensure it can join the network through your gateway. Check to see that that you can see packets in the gateway’s Traffic tab in the console. Check that downlinks work. Etc.

It just shows 0 received and 0 transmitted messages. Gateway ID is eui-58a0cbfffe8018a3

I’ll solder serial headers onto it and see what debug info it shows

Actually, I think we need to register them differently. Will come back to this thread tomorrow and advise.

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Hi Maj,
Not wanting to bug you but is there any news on this?


Hi @jbkiwi, we were waiting on a response from TTN about this. Will ping them again.
@leogaggl do any of you guys have an AU915 TTIG working?

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Hi @Maj - yes we have one TTIG working here. But they need to be added to the AU Basic Station Bridge manually at the moment.

The issue is more the Basic Station support for AU at the moment, rather than specifically a TTIG issue from what I am aware.

Hello Australia users. If you are proud owners of a TTIG (The Things Internal Gateway) we now have the option to enable BasicStation packet-forwarder to connect to the updated TTN AU915 Gateway server. Please reply to this thread with your Gateway EUI if you wish to enable this feature. I will wait for a couple of weeks to gather all requests. The process to enable is manual for the time being. TTI will at some point have a more polished procedure.


Yes please!
eui-58a0cbfffe8018a3 under user

Yes please. eui-58a0cbfffe800358

RS here have a backorder on the gateway with an AU plug on it, will this be a one time deal or will I be able to order one now, get it afterwards and have you set it all up to work properly?

Yes please.

If you don’t have the right power connector, one of these powers it fine

I presume a batch of TTIGs have now been registered to use the BasicStation option directly with TTN AU915 gateway server, following that option being announced back in August. It’s also hard to miss the enthusiasm across the Forum to proliferate BasicStation operation.

I’ve this week taken delivery of a new TTIG and successfully registered it on TTN AU915 meshed. As a new player I thought it wise to check for any downsides before requesting my TTIG be added to any next round of this option reconfiguration. Are there any adverse implications to be aware of in taking that path?

Nope, all fizzled out and still waiting for my paperweight to become Phoenix :slight_smile:

Yes please here too!