TTIG AU915 support

I received an indoor gateway in the mail today, set it up, but no data is appearing on the console.

I went back to the datasheet and can see that AU915 is not supported until end of Q1 - Which year does this relate to?

I have four other gateways (Laird, Mtech/Raspberry Pi) and they are all working properly, so it’s not a node configuration issue.

Am I doing something wrong, or did I just pay US$120 for a paperweight and postage?

Apologies if this is answered elsewhere in a thread.

@Jeff-UK do you have any ideas on this?

Hi If by

You are refering to The Things Indoor GW (TTIG) rather than one of the other available indoor microGW’s (I assume so from the $120 price point!) then I have to say 95% of my experience with it is around the EU868 version we use over here, however, from my understanding the AU915 support is not yet in place - only AS923 support for your longitudes I’m afraid.

<UPDATE: Ignore question just realised your new topic is listed under TTIG General Category - serves me right for reading and posting too quickly! :wink: >

Per the

TTIG Frequencies: EU868, US915, AS923

If you look at the US 915 bands TTN/TTI Use Sub-Band 2:


Used in USA, Canada and South America


  1. 903.9 - SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
  2. 904.1 - SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
  3. 904.3 - SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
  4. 904.5 - SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
  5. 904.7 - SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
  6. 904.9 - SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
  7. 905.1 - SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
  8. 905.3 - SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
  9. 904.6 - SF8BW500


  1. 923.3 - SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
  2. 923.9 - SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
  3. 924.5 - SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
  4. 925.1 - SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
  5. 925.7 - SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
  6. 926.3 - SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
  7. 926.9 - SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
  8. 927.5 - SF7BW500 to SF12BW500

VS AU915 Requirement:



  1. 916.8 - SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
  2. 917.0 - SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
  3. 917.2 - SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
  4. 917.4 - SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
  5. 917.6 - SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
  6. 917.8 - SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
  7. 918.0 - SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
  8. 918.2 - SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
  9. 917.5 SF8BW500


  1. 923.3 - SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
  2. 923.9 - SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
  3. 924.5 - SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
  4. 925.1 - SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
  5. 925.7 - SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
  6. 926.3 - SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
  7. 926.9 - SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
  8. 927.5 - SF7BW500 to SF12BW500

So big mis-match

AS923 Support is in 2 major country Groupings and associated channel plans (See above linked ref) are both in the higher band segments around 922-924 as is the limited subset under Korea.

So looks like sorry but you are out of luck - until Q1 (unless some of our AU cousins and colleagues can advise you otherwise (@Maj @TonySmith @ElectronicallyE @Paul_Stewart @hraftery el al) )

Good Luck - it can aways perfrom duties holding doors open until the new support released so dont bin it! I only hope the hardware has enough slack to allow it to adapt the slightly higher uplink frequencies as needed…

So it’s definitely Q1 2020 they are referring to? The FAQ is pre 2019, so hoped they meant Q1 2019

Though the TTIG existed as a prior device ( - now back in Semtech - TABS GW, co engineered with Gemtek in Taiwan ) in 2018 it was only launched as a TTN/TTI IGW at the last Conf at end Jan and apart from the Conf giveaways at the time it didnt really start to ship in volume until well into Q2…so yeh I guess its Q1’20 - if schedule holds…

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Any word on this being ready for these frequencies? Im keen to get one of these off the bat rather than messing around with a single channel gateway to play with, but I cant find the AU915-928 ones available anywhere yet.

@richms no concrete news. The MikroTik gateways are in NZ and about $350 NZ for a complete gateway including external antenna.
GoWiFi are selling them. Give me a yell (john @ wheronet) and I’ll get you a quote at cost - we should also catch up. It’s been a while since ihug days!

External one kinda exceeds my effort threshold at the moment, plus I am in a terrible place for one of those adding anything to the network since I am virtually at sea level surrounded by big hills.

Perhaps after easter I will have some more to put into an external so will be in touch if nothing internal and cheaper comes up.

Good to find some fellow kiwis.

I wanted to dabble in Lora and was going to get the TTIG but then went all in and got a Ursalink UG87 outdoor gateway. Not very happy with it, GUI plays up, sensors have problems joining, lots of issues so far :confused:

I looked at the Mikrotik version on gowifi but I see no AU915 version?

@jbkiwi I noticed you on TTNMapper , nice range :slight_smile:

What sensors are you playing with at the moment?

GoWiFi only have the 860MHz version in a ready to go gateway format.

For AU915, you need to buy the WAP, MiniPCI card, pigtail and antenna.

You also need to manually configure the bandplan as it doesn’t have AU915-928 pre configured. I worked out how to do it and posted it at

I’m mainly using LoRa for security monitoring, environmental sensors, water tank levels and currently working on a beehive security project.

what sensors are you using for security?

Saw this crop up on cnxsoftware today, USD$99 plus $10 shipping - - any reason not to get one of these instead since it exists now. Other than the trashtastic wifi on the zero W but I assume I can add an ethernet to the OTG port, if not will just have to deal with it.

ordered one to have a play

Hey Guys,

We already have one TTIG with AU915 support that was displayed at The Things Conference Australia.

We’re going to coordinate with our friend @Maj and soon support AU915 in the meshed cluster. Details will follow in the coming weeks.


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Bought these to have a play, any idea why TTN mapper would think its likely a single channel gateway??

Ttnmapper needs to receive multiple packets on multiple channels to determine a gateway is not single channel. So most likely your gateway has not forwarded mapping data on multiple channels to ttnmapper yet.

Is that the one I linked or the TTN one you have?

I have the ursalink one on my roof now; have bought the MikroTik one @jbkiwi suggested, all setup and tested and worked well, so that will be going to ohakune, then bought the little indoor unit one you suggested to have a play and that will be going somewhere else. Its on my desk just haven’t had a chance to play yet.

So I have the RAK7246 gateway running nicely now, easy setup once I got it powered on.

I’m wondering how well it would handle in comparison to the MikroTik one, range wise and I guess TTN packets per second wise.

I was going to get a bunch of the MikroTik ones and put them in areas I want to play, however they don’t have GPS and work out quite pricey, so was wondering if this RAK7246 would do the job + love it has GPS for the price.

Any news on this? I just powered my TTIG back on to see if it auto updates and supports AU915, but it’s still not working.