TTIG Class C end device support and configuration

Hi there,

I currently have a Class C end device Phenom Busy Light with a ThingsIndoor Gateway. I was wondering if the TTIG is compatible and if so is there any configuration that I need to do on my end to enable this or this is automatically configured when I claimed the gateway. As of right now, my Class C end device is not able to communicate at all with the gateway showing as offline.


Gateways only receives RF from and transmits RF to nodes, irrespective off the class.

The RF the gateway receives from the node, it does a CRC check and sends it to the NS. The NS does the work to check the credentials of the node and its compatibility and packet forwarding. The gateway is essentially and media converter, from RF to packet and packet to RF.

The question is the Class C device (don’t know what you got) compatible with LoRaWAN and configured correctly in the Console on the application?

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