TTIG Configuration set to CN470


I need to test my LoRaWAN on the region CN470 (for a Chinea customer).
Can i set my TTIG 868 to the region CN470 ?
Any advice on what materiel i need to buy ?


If, as I suspect, you are not in China yourself then a Faraday cage to avoid :policeman: :policewoman: :police_car: :judge: !!!

Chance of an 868 version running - even crippled - at 470Mhz slim due to design, RF stage, antenna performance etc… likely very poor. even if it were legal!

An 868 Mhz design with broad bandwidth capability can often be bent out of shape to do a semblance of 915Mhz band and vice versa but again poor prospect - I know in the case of the TTIG from personal experience that a mis-shipped 915 sent as an 868 due to disty stock control problem some years back failed miserably…

A new TTIG, a 20" container, sheets of copper mesh, a big metal stake to ground the whole lot.

However the whole lot does work to a standard / spec, so it is scary to do so, but you can just swap the radio module, change the settings and send it to them.

What did you have in the project plan for how to test?

Having a remote computer at an out of reach client is useful so you can update the firmware without relying on them - some find it quite a handful.