TTIG connecting only sporadically while Wifi being in the same room and up, changing its name


I’m using two TTIG gateways (the new one designed as plug).

One works fine, the other one loses its connection very often, for many hours. Admittedly where it sits are not many packets around (pretty sure it is the most southern GW in Germany) but I would expect it to hold the connection to the Things servers. I can log into the router (Fritzbox) where everything seems to be OK. Internet connection is very good, mostly unused.

Strange observation:

The TTIG tells the router its name as “ESP-123456” (random number) but after a day or two it changes to “s2-tc.key”

What is going on, is it hacked?

As I can’t seem to see it via http, I can’t currently tell more. Would it be reachable? It’s in a remote location.


If there is no LoRaWAN traffic for a while a TTIG will disconnect to free up resources at the back-end.

That is usual behavior.

Hi Jac,

ah that’s good to know, many thanks, so that explains it I guess. I thought the device might update at least its status in the Console every 30 seconds but that was just an assumption…

Sadly this means I have no option to see if the GW is still available if there are no senders around.


I don’t own a TTIG, but I thought that was changed February 21st:

My TTIG still disconnects when there is no LoRaWAN traffic so the change doesn’t work for all devices…

The thing is: My device still registers fine with the router, so there must be at least ARP traffic and I am always able to reach the router (I have surveillance of that). However, nothing seems to jump back home to the TTN servers or the servers can’t deal with a ping appropriately.

Even one “ping” an hour would be nice already.

Please don’t confuse ping (IP) with the mechanism with the same name that is intended to keep the basicstation connection alive. Which I know from experience does not work all the time.

I have the disconnect problems since a month or more with my 3 gateways.

I don’t, that’s why i put it in citation marks, but for others it’s good you pointed it out. Would I have written “keepalive packet” it could have been confused with a ssh mechanism.

My 2 TTIG gateways are also losing the TTN connection multiple times a day, while WiFi is stable. It looks that it only occurs when receiving no node traffic.