TTIG connects to Wi-Fi but is always flashing green

I have been using my TTIG for almost a year and have had no issues with it. It is migrated to V3 and claimed on The Things Network console. I noticed the other day the LED was flashing a fast green. It is normally a solid green. It has continued to flash green with no change. It is showing up as disconnected on the network and the sensors using the gateway have stopped getting data through. I have gone back through the setup process and everything checked out there. We have had no change in our WI-Fi or passwords. I am at a loss at what else to do to determine why it is not working. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Have you done a hard reset for a do-over on the local WiFi? In theory, once it’s connected, the server should set up everything. See:

Given that the EUI is publicly available in the logs, the TTI crew will need it - save them asking for it, it just slows things down, just post it. No one can do anything with it unless you post the WiFi code - DO NOT post the WiFi code, it is not needed.

Have you deleted from the console and re-claimed (bearing in mind you can’t recycle the gateway id)? I wouldn’t try this unless I was really desperate or me (because I have other gateways and danger is my middle name).

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Hello all. Thank you for your responses to things I could try to resolve my issue.

I did attempt a reset. I held the reset down for >5s, then held the setup button for >10s, connected to wifi, save and reboot, and the behavior continued, which is the same as before - blinks slow green, then quick orange/green and then to a 1/4 sec quick green flashing. It never goes to a solid green. Just continuously blinks green.

The EUI is 58A0CBFFFE802623

In regards to deleting from the console and re-claiming, can you point me in the direction on instruction on how to do this safely?

Thank you again!

You should be able to just go into The Things Stack console by way of, then navigate to your region, and find your gateway under the Gateways section (clicking the ‘Go to gateways’ button). When you click into the detail section for your gateway you can click on “General Settings” on the left, then scroll all the way to the bottom. To the right of the “Save Settings” button you’ll see a button labeled “Delete gateway”. Click that and acknowledge that you know what you’re doing.

After you do that it shouldn’t be in your list of Gateways anymore. You should then be able to click the
“Claim gateway” button on the Gateways list page and type in the various things off the back of the label.

Gateway EUI should be 58A0CBFFFE802623. The “Claim authentication code” should be the Wi-Fi password printed on the label on the back of the gateway.

You cannot use the same exact thing you had before for the Gateway ID, but that’s a non-load bearing string as far as I know, and just serves as a more useful mnemonic than the EUI as an ID for your reference, so just make up something different than you used before. Finally pick the appropriate frequency band, which is likely the country you are, and the one that is marked “Used by TTN”, and click the “Claim gateway” button. Assuming everything goes according to plan that should re-add the Gateway to your list of gateways, and with any luck, maybe your Gateway will actually connect to The Things Network again.


This worked. Deleting it, reclaiming it, and power cycling it did the trick.

I am back up and running. Any insight on why that may have been necessary?


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I’d suspect that a reset at both ends resulted in an all fresh update & configuration - with so many moving parts it only takes a setting to look like it’s set but it’s not really set and it all gets out of sync.

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Hi all,

My TTIG connects to Wi-Fi but is always flashing green 1/4sec.
I tried what was advised in this thread but to no avail. I tried multiple times to delete the gateway, reset TTIG, config wifi, open ports on the router, power cycle etc.

Even though I claimed it, I find it odd that the EUI does not show on the overview? Please see the screenshot.


Gateway EUI: 58A0CBFFFE80226A

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Though console shows Claim GW successful are you sure all details correct and accurate? Esp the EUI = 58A0CBFFFE80226A

A quick historic check shows this specific EUI was previously registered under the old TTN V2, where I assume it worked ok. If live during or after the Dec’21 V2 → V3 transition it will likley have been ‘Auto Migrated’ by the TTI core team and should show up under the owner/user GW console as GW ID EUI-xxxxxx and GW name Auto-Migrated- ‘\original V2 name/’ likley <eui-xxxx…>.

I futher note this V2 registration is under user name “MateuszGG” - is that you or one of your colleagues/someone in your organisation? With the original location set as Lat 51.58165244 Lon -2.99156217 - is that your GW/location? (Newport S.Wales)

Thank you for looking into this! I’m sure that the EUI is correct, I checked it many times.

This TTIG was used by an engineer who is now gone. I don’t know if it was live on or after Dec’21. The gateway has now moved location, but still in south Wales.

Is there something that I can do to completely remove the previous owner? Would this be why the EUI does not show in the overview?

TTIG info:
Gateway EUI 58A0CBFFFE80226A
WiFi AP MAC 58:A0:CB:80:22:6A
WiFi STA MAC 2C:F4:32:50:B9:9B
Serial Number TBMH100868006669
MFG date 2019-11-16 07:30:08
FW Build 2020-05-07 16:03:53
FW Version 2.0.4
Core Version 2.0.4(minihub/debug)

Hey gang, I think something might be wrong with the back end LNS (or something). I’ve got another person who is describing these symptoms on their longtime working TTIG, connected to Wi-Fi but not connecting to the back end (alternating between 1/4s flashing green for a period of time, then green/red alternating for a period of time, and repeat). I tried the whole deleting it and reclaiming it thing to no avail. Eventually I decided to configure and send a new TTIG to the person, but during trying to claim that unit (the way I always do) the brand new TTIG is doing the same exact thing here. What can we do to get this sorted out? Any help would be very much appreciated. Happy to share any information that will help.

Per the link share from a day day ago

Looks like a problem has been identified and per Krishna a fix is being rolled out…

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The fix has been rolled out and it is working now.
I had to delete the TTIG, re-claim it, and power cycle it. All good now! Thank you!