TTIG Gateways Not Going Solid Green after Registration

You don’t connect any LoRaWAN devices to any gateway. LoRaWAN devices connect to a LoRaWAN network. Gateways just receive radio signals, convert them to Internet packets and forward them… Any gateway connected to TTN (yes, gateways connect to a LoRaWAN network) will forward all LoRaWAN packets to TTN.

This gateway isn’t claimed. Did you claim it or register it?

I tried to claim it, but got the above error.

“message”: “error:pkg/deviceclaimingserver/gateways:gateway_not_authorized (gateway with EUI 58A0CBFFFE800FC0 already exists and is not authorized for claiming)”,

That’s probably because you’ve now registered it. Please delete and try to claim it.
When you enter an EUI that belongs to a TTIG, the console automatically detects this and asks you to enter the WiFi password and claim it.

Okay, I’ve now deleted and claimed it (had to use a different GWID, now uk-so53-4lq-indoor), and it’s still stuck on rapidly flashing green - how long would that usually last? It’s been 5 minutes, but I’m wondering whether I should wait 24h or more.

power cycling usually forces it to rejoin local wifi then look at the CUPS server and update config…give it a try otherwise usually a couple of hours up to 24hrs…

Looks to be online in TTN systems :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I was checking the settings, and it didn’t have a frequency plan selected, nor a “schedule any time delay”, and now they’re set it connected immediately!

As above :slight_smile: :+1: UK Community network grows by one…

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Hi everyone,

Trying to setup my TTIG. I have it connected to wifi and claimed however the Live data logs just show a constant connect disconnect loop.


What is the GW-ID? (vs GW EUI)


edit: my bad, I had the wrong Frequency plan selected. Selected the correct Frequency plan and all seems OK now.