TTIG Join Request, Join Accept, but No Uplink or Downlink

I’m experiencing an issue that is very similar to what I read here: Only activation, No uplinks downlink,ack received on TTN Console.

I see TTIG Traffic Logs on TTN Console like this:

And it appears to be online and connected according to this indicator on TTN Console:


I see Device Traffic Logs on TTN Console that look like this:

and likewise, it seems to be “connected” according to TTN Console:


I am pretty confident that it’s nothing to do with my device firmware, and everything to do with the TTIG and/or how it’s serviced by The Things Network back-end. I say this because I have a MultiTech Gateway in my office that works quite reliably. I’ve read a number of posts here and there about “Packet Forwarder” issues that seem to be at the root of this, but that is a bit over my head.

  1. Can anyone from The Things Network help me sort this out? I’ve purchased 100 of these TTIGs to offer as accessories to a new product I’m developing, and sadly this seems like it may end up being a major support issue for me. If I can get some support here that helps me diagnose and resolve this for my end users, that would be awesome.

  2. Is this “legacy” situation with the “Packet Forwarder” and TTIGs a temporary, or is there an evolutionary path for these become up-to-par with emerging TTN standards? Is it a firmware thing? If so, will there be a firmware update pushed to these units? If so when? If not, will it require intervention by me on behalf of my end users through TTN Console, or will it require intervention by my end users directly, e.g. with physical access to the TTIG? I just feel totally in the dark here.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance / explanation / condolences anyone might have to offer. Thanks in advance!

Hi while the TTIG is a reasonable product TTI never seem to respond to issues or update on progress.You will see that they just don’t respond to messages on here or to their corporate site regarding issues with back end systems or the firmware. If you look even on slack they don’t record the issues users see.They brand and push the product but then seem not interested in support at a basic level, or explain or documents the issues. It would save the 100’s of messages on this forum about disconnects backend failures. I know they say they have been moving the backend to v3 for most gateways and that must cause issues. What I find the most annoying is the lack of honest information on what are the issues and when and what changes are taking place in the backend, and when any new firmware will be released to the TTIG’s.
I find for what is a great price point product and could have been a great catalyst for LoRaWAN / TTN it’s so baby supported and can’t even be supported by the community. Simon

Hello @vicatcu, i’m just cross-referencing my recent post as we experience the same issue. Did you manage to find a solution ?

The particular problem I described in this post “mysteriously went away” is my recollection. Presumably someone restarted a process on some server to fix the problem (some bridge service that supports the legacy mode).