TTIG Performance Discussion

Hello Everyone,

This thread is meant for discussing (in order to help us improve) the connectivity/performance related issues/suggestions regarding the TTIG.


  • If your gateway is offline, please check Slack(Ops/Support) and for outages.
  • If none is reported, then please report on the Slack Support channel and we’ll look at it as quickly as we can.

In order to keep this thread on topic, any “TTIG shows not connected” messages will be removed.

This thread is meant for topics such as like missing packets, SNR, range, WiFi AP and connection to backhaul so that such issues can be addressed to provide everyone a seamless experience.


Hi Krishna, appreciate the efforts to get everything back up again after recent hick-ups! :wink:

I realise handling UDP traffic (especially at scale) not fun so wondering if there is anything we can do out in the community of GW owners to help mitigate UDP load? Would it make sense to try and update any earlier GW’s running older UDP based packet forwarders (Semtech & other derived legacy forwarders) to run more recent versions? I know several of mine are running under UDP with later ones running Jac’s @kersing mp-forwarder where ever possible…big fan of that as appears to be stable in volume and allows for something more descriptive than EUIxxxxxxx… as GW ID in console :slight_smile:

Have avoided updating some ealier deployments as concerned that deleting a GW, updating packet forwarder, then re-registering may result in ‘EUI already registed’ issues. Is there a best practice way to avoid such issues? In my case primarily looking at mix of RAK/RPi (most readily accessible ones easily updated to mp-forwarder already), Laird RG186’s - most early/older firware builds were registered with legacy forwarder, iMST Lite (also RPi) and Multitech GW’s, with recent batch of TTIG’s (not affected?) , with several clients having a host of these and several other makes…

That’s a great question actually, also one that’s often asked. I’ll take some time to discuss this internally and see if we can come up with some recommendations wrt packet forwarders.