TTIG (Pro) - connect to your own private LNS

Given this on the datasheet:

“Can connect to any network backend of choice.”

Ok now the question is: how shall i do that?

I would like this device to connect to my own Lora Network Server.


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You can’t.

One of the general problems with the internet is updating marketing material in retrospect - so, in the UK, RS Components sell the TTIG and yes, indeed, it says you can. But how do they know to update the information, particularly when TTI haven’t updated their own info.

I found out earlier on today the they do in fact have a version for India just after I said they didn’t because the TTN website said it didn’t and someone else had spotted an Indian version on the RS for UK website.

The low cost & simplicity of the device that takes a few minutes to setup and then just cracks on with the job of being a gateway - I have one that I can take out & about, linked via my iPhone to the internet - this is worth thousands to me.

And as irritating as it may be, the sort of marketing BS that leads to this situation is balanced by the low low cost of the device. A device that I can send to non-tech clients who can set it up on their network with pre-prepared devices and have it working out the box.

Depending on local legislation, you may well be legally entitled to return the device. At a moral level, you should be entitled to return the device.


I mean, this is not a minor detail.

I agree on that the TTN web page should be updated and the distributors should have updated flyers.

But then I have multiple distributors of products used in alarm (security & FIRE) that I spend weeks getting them to update the linked documentation so I’m not surprised.

Top tip, as a manufacturer & distributor that handles returns, try to contain your anger, they didn’t do this deliberately to tick you off, tell them calmly but be politely assertive. I always say yes to the reasonable, but I’m as human as the next geek and being shouted at doesn’t make me love the situation.


maybe this will help:

they have a firmware for the minuhub where you can use your own LNS annd CUPS

Thanks, I saw it. But no firmware to download found.

BTW I ll wait for some news from TTN.
Hope they will enable the way to handover to your own cups.

The question now is on how to setup your own CUPS server. :wink:

I have a LNS implementation but no CUPS…

they have the firmware here

and a manual for upgrade here:

for the minihub pro

you only need the usb breakout to activate the serial console over the usb-c connector.
or you can connect TP5 to 3.3V

I think not.
I have tried to flash it to one of my ttigs.
The flash ended without errors but the firmware did not change

But this is for the pro… and the pro is based on ESP32 not the 8266

Probably the firmware update didn’t succeed.

Weird that you got a positive feedback

P.s. removed my previous reply as soon as I saw that fw was for the PRO… so not applicable for the “standard”.
The question was “how to restore the original”… but the answer is simple as… you cannot just upgrade to the firmware of the pro… so no need anyway to revert back

By TTIG (Pro) are you guys refering to the Original TTGW - The Things Gateway aka the ‘Kickstarter’ GW? This thread is linked under the Gateways: Things Indoor GW which may be causing confusion to some… :wink:

There are basically three GW’s under Things Branding:

TTIG - The Things Indoor GW - a low cost Wifi only connected GW USB C powered or a Mains Power Shoe. This started life as the TABS GW developed by Tracknet and Gemtek TW under - subsequently absobed back into Semtech (The Tracknet team was a spin out of former Semtech & IBM staffers). Early versions (still TABS branded) were given away at the original TTN Conf Jan 2019 and available to by from around the March/April- now sold via RS Components and the Electrcomponents Group with others also selling

TT(N)GW - The Things (Network) GW - the original Kickstarter funded (Indoor) GW supporting WiFi set up and Wired Enet Connectivity. A pain point for the TTN/TTI team this effectively came to market in Winter 2017/18 and is typically sold by Farnell and others in the Group plus others now taking to market

TTOG - The Things Outdoor GW - originally announced at same event as the TTIG but coming to market many months later - designed/housed for outdoor IP protection rated deployments. Typically sold via specialist disties or system integrators.

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