TTIG SNR sometimes wrong?

I have 2 TTIGs running. The received data SNR value is not plausible sometimes.
For example, a far distance node is sending data and the RSSI is about -118. The SNR value shows -15 which seems to be correct. The next data package is received with RSSI -118 and SNR +16, which is incorrect for sure. There seems to be a ± sign error.

please provide some console screenshots of this case.
also EUI of the device and router.

is this happening last couple of days ?

I think it was the same behavior for weeks, but I am not sure. I will provide the data the next days, I have to look into the logs. I did some antenna tests the last weeks and then I saw the issue. Maybe it has been always the same.

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tnx… because that’s a ‘new’ one… changing SNR sign from minus to plus, never heard that before :sunglasses:

Here are the latest occurrences in my logs, this are some long range tests, both gateways are TTIGs.
The values in a line are package nr, UTC time, gateway I’D, spread factor, SNR, RSSI, frequency

100849545, 2019-10-23 06:05:36, 58A0CBFFFE801752, SF12BW125, 14.00, -121.00, 868.100

100849592, 2019-10-23 06:05:46, 58A0CBFFFE801752, SF12BW125, 13.00, -120.00, 868.100

100844485, 2019-10-23 05:40:36, 58A0CBFFFE800C72, SF12BW125, 12.50, -117.00, 868.300

tnx… strange… these gw id’s seems unknown :thinking:

The TTN server seems to be updated right now, all gateways are listed as offline in this moment. Maybe that’s the reason you can not find it.

Forgot to say, both TTIGs have a external antenna mod. But this should not affect the values in this way. Plausible SNR is about -5 to -15

true … could be only the sign :wink:

Me too, and since more than a couple of days.

yes we are missing a few GW’s


but not here



I meant strange SNR; I have two red gateways on TTNmapper (not TTIG) but they are running fine.