TTIG stocks


Just a quick one to say that we have stocks of the TTIG! It’s been very popular, and I know people have had a hard time getting them before they go out of stock.

We are just about to ship out all the backorders we had, so that means that we’re left with about 200 EU TTIGs and a really limited stock of US TTIGs, we have just 19 of those!

If you want to grab one now, here are the links:
[](http://The Things Indoor Gateway - EU868)
[](The Things Indoor Gateway - US915)



Hi Al, What is really frustrating is you guys getting stock (good luck to you! :slight_smile: ) whilst I’ve been waiting since end of March/Beg April for a replacement (not even a new order) for a miss-shipped 915 vs 868Mhz unit (1 of 5)…with initial replacement 2.5mo back order and 9 (count 'em) push outs (ok 1 pull in, but that pushed out again next day), and still not shipped… :frowning: I’ve seen others posting on new deliveries too in that time…

RS claimed to have some stock of 100off boxes a few days ago - all they needed to do was walk to warehouse and break one open to ship to lots of ‘starved’ users whom I know are waiting (im)patiently…today I see even those are gone…guess you guys bought them! ? :wink:

Ah well…

/rant off

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Sorry to hear that Jeff :slightly_frowning_face:

Maybe you just get better service from a friendly specialist retailer…!


Problem is market price & expectation is/was set by the launch announcement ($69 ok plus VAT + Shipping + config +…) and problem is you guys sell (retail) for what I need to sell at to remain competative/viable so no room for margin stacking…ditto the TTOG (If it was even available from official wholsesale channel), otherwise might have considered (will be buying 10+up qty’s in future once connectivity issues resolve & viable to offer/give away…)


Jeff - you’re welcome to drop me a line for qty pricing, we may be able to do something.

There’s a significant shipping cost getting the units over from Taiwan and through customs, so we end up on tight margins but give me a shout for bigger qtys.


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There is a huge demand in market in getting those TTIGs. So they 1st sell 100pieces packs to make money. This concept obviously works. With the money earned they can order bigger batches subsequently… thats how economy works.

Now you can order your personal TTIG:

Numbers are growing … as my raspberry tells me.


Any chance to buy the TTIG in germany without having to wait until december?

Yes, we still have stock!

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Thank you, but 120€ including shipping is too much for this gateway.

Had been monitoring RS stock over last couple of weeks as looking to buy a bunch more despite ongoing issues flagged elsewhere. There were >200 in stock until recently and I was going to contact them for a volume break vs 1off per EU version but see now all gone and on back order again…I wonder if this means we will see a step up in number of UK active GW’s on TTN Community network or will they go to TTI or Private TTI instances? :thinking:

Good if we do as recentky have seen UK GW count falling off not least as Things Connected (Digital Catapult quango) count seems to have dropped significantly - down from aro 85-90 a couple of months back to aro 25-30 in recent days! (If count and console/map data reliable?)


Is there any planned new firmware updates? Seen some strange behaviour with mine at times.