TTIG TBMH100 Minihub - occasionally reconnects as if restarting

I’ve been having problems for a while now, often the data from noda to TTN stops coming and I have to restart the gateway.
In the console it looks like this:

What might be the reason?

Ths has been discussed many times on the Forum (Search top right of page). RE Top item - Its not the GW dropping/reconnecting but rather the browser/console session (stream) restarting (typical if internet connection iffy wrt brower devce (PC?) to console server…impacted by e.g PC sleeping etc. Later Disconnect/Update/Connect can be a mix of things depending on GW type, PF used, connection type etc - missed status update, GW finding updated firmware, server temp closing sockets connection due to resources, internet connection/timeouts, etc. If you have a regular device nearby (e.g. a canary node) then its regular traffic will often keep connection open or will re-open when closed as will any normal traffic so if you look at logs for devices around these times you should not see it impacting actual message traffic - there should be no loss of data (remember always as an RF system some packet loss is inevitable…TTI suggest plan for 10% loss, I typically see 1-4% depending on site long term average, some LPWAN networks operators advise ‘dont panic’ down to as low as 70% success!..)