TTIG : The Things Indoor Gateway


Hello Verkehrsrot,

I use the EU version (based arround Amsterdam)

(Arjan) #453

Are you seeing the difference all the time, or is it better every now and then? When attaching the UART, you might see things like:

[SYN:INFO] Time sync qualities: min=108 q90=184 max=665 (previous q90=2147483647)
[SYN:VERB] Time sync rejected: quality=244 threshold=184

The same Basic Station documentation also states:

  • No Dependency on Local Time Keeping: Station obtains time synchronization from the LNS with no need for a local UTC-based clock. …
  • No Incoming Connections Configuration: … Time synchronization and shell access are managed via the LNS with no NTP or ssh required.

Finally, the LoRaWAN Network Server Protocol defines:

Transferring GPS Time
The LNS SHALL periodically send the following message to Station to transfer GPS time.

Now, define “periodically”…?

(Jac Kersing) #457

My order now costs 0 euro and when I try to look at the details:

No valid data found for this order

Not amused.

Edit: just called RS, part no longer available in Benelux. Customer service asked the responsible department to remove it and are waiting for response.
@wienkegiezeman what is happening?

(Jeff Uk) #459

Spotted the ‘Hostaform’ a couple of days back and was going to post pic on forum as a joke (rebranding?!) but figured best not in case it scared anyone! Now it looks more like a heads up! :wink:


Update on our side. We escalated this issue with RS. This is not how is should be. This was rushed through the systems and it looks like some errors were made. The gateways are in the warehouse of RS and they are working now to update their system so it can be ordered.

(Jeff Uk) #462

Hi Wienke, Mine were due to ship today, so given the news from @jezd & @kersing I called RS customer service about 15 mins ago, as online tracking system data incomplete. Where @jezd says he’s told now expected 29/3, I’ve just be told (5-6 hrs later) they are “on back order and due in from supplier” 30/3 (so dely to me will be later than that)… so when you say they are in RS’s warehouse that doesn’t stack…have they lost them? Can we offer them a LoRaWAN Tracker solution to keep track of the pallets!? :rofl:

I’m cool with waiting a short while longer (too many other tasks & product evals on anyhow!) but others getting v. frustrated and many feel history repeating from what I have seen around various fora and chats/pm’s. So if you can whip some sense into RS everyone will benefit I’m sure :wink:

:thinking: warehouse where in the world? Corby UK? APAC? USA? You had previously mentioned goods in EMEA, in context of CE approvals, so we are all hoping… :slight_smile:


That is not good to hear. Apologies from our side. We are working on our end to make sure this is solved.

We should indeed have put in some tracking sensors…

(Nalberto) #464

Is the TTIG supporting AS923 already?

This page says yes:

This page says no, but says end of Q1 which is about now:


(Hashnet) #467

Hi. Is there any GPS in the TTIG? and support of class B devices?
I suppose it’s possible to use class B devices with a single gateway (unsync time) in proximity.
But it could problematic if a class B device could receive unsync beacons from several TTIG in proximity?


@bluesensing1 we did not have a call as far as I know. And please follow the guidelines set by the administrators for communicating on this forum.

Facts are that RS is facing some logistical challenges at the moment that is resulting in very confusing communication. Ours and RS apologies for that. We are working on it.

(Ud Lo Ra) #478

I received a further update from RS, delivery date is now closer than before.


(Verkehrsrot) #484

I checked my TTIG’s logs today. I see these time sync messages:

2019-03-24 21:42:53.210 [SYN:VERB] Time sync rejected: quality=2070 threshold=2058
2019-03-24 21:43:16.331 [SYN:INFO] Time sync qualities: min=1046 q90=2064 max=2070 (previous q90=2058)
2019-03-24 21:43:48.927 [SYN:VERB] Time sync rejected: quality=2080 threshold=2064
2019-03-24 21:43:51.032 [SYN:VERB] Time sync rejected: quality=2072 threshold=2064

The gateway is ~900 milliseconds stale, compared with GPS time of a MatchX1701. That’s far a lot :frowning:

TTIG: “2019-03-24T21:48:27.691489Z”,
MATCHX: “2019-03-24T21:48:26.79241Z”,

(Jeff Uk) #485

Hi Wienke, gross understatement I suspect! :frowning: Note this is not a rant just statement of facts!: Though I have to ask is someone at RS looking seriously at this or are they just taking the pi$$?

After initial delays and reschedules my delivery was then set for 30/3…like I said before willing to be patient…

That was 21/3 update.

On 23/3 I saw update improving to ‘delivery 27/3’ - note dely to me not ‘due in from supplier’! That seems to match others experience on the form - some slight pull in?..

With no further updates I arranged my work week to ensure at home office ready for signing for package today (and tomorrow just in case! :wink: )

At start of today I checked tracking (as RS had finally updated the ‘Sold To’ # on the 23rd I could now use their online tracking system)…showed order received but no sign of dispatched …hummmm…ok maybe ship later today for delivery tomorrow?..

Finally this afternoon around 4pm received this

Good Afternoon,
_ _
Purchase Order Number: 148XXXX66
_Stock Number: 1843981 _
Quantity Outstanding: 5
_ _
Thank you for your order, we apologise but we are unable to despatch the quantity ordered as this item is on back order. The current back order date for the above item is 19.6.19.
_ _
We apologise for the delay.
_ _
We are unable to suggest a possible alternative for your product at this time, you may be able to find a product that is suitable for your requirements on our website, or we can leave your original on back order for you.
_ _
Should you have any questions, please reply to this email or contact Customer Services on 01536 201201 quoting the above reference.
_ _
Again please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.
_ _
Kind Regards
_ _
Sophia Barron-Edgley
Customer Liaison
_ _
RS Components Ltd
_Birchington Road _

:scream: Thats twice now I have had a push back communication late on the day when they were due to arrive :frowning:

Are they in stock as you asserted? Is it just the 100off boxes as implied by some del’y info forumites are seeing?

Can you kick them (again) and get some one to walk into the warehouse and break open a few of the 100off packs and start shipping the singles as we are all awaiting for???

As it is I now have to place new orders elsewhere for other systems to cover the shortfall for next month and to allow for the latest 19/6 timeline update…

Cheers, Jeff

(Verkehrsrot) #486

German RS components website today says delivery on next business day for 1 pcs.
I just ordered one, will keep you posted here on the progress :wink:

(Ud Lo Ra) #487

Also in Italy. It seems they swapped description from yesterday: July for 100 pcs, tomorrow for 1 :slight_smile:

(Verkehrsrot) #488

Tomorrow is very soon. I ordered “Express” to test them. Let’s see, tomorrow :wink:

(Verkehrsrot) #489

Maybe they breaked the 100’s boxes now :wink:

(Ud Lo Ra) #490

I think so. Maybe they discovered that this gateway is mostly bought by hobbyists…

(Verkehrsrot) #491

Don’t think that hobbyists buy at RS components.
Probably someone at RS waked up…