[TTIG] Volunteers to test new Beta firmware

Thanks. Well I was looking at those places and was not able to find either a ‘Message’ at the user nor a ‘New Message’ button. Why should this not be possible?


It seems the firmware is already reported in platform on the NOC? (Or are these new details for the TTIG? I’ve used the same details to get a list of The Things Gateway firmware versions almost two years ago.)

(If your browser tries to open these HTTP URLs using HTTPS, then opening in an incognito window may help.)

Same goes for version in:

And for ttnctl:

ttnctl gateways status eui-58a0cbfffe80050e
  INFO Discovering Router...                   
  INFO Connecting with Router...               
  INFO Connected to Router                     
  INFO Received status          GatewayID=eui-58a0cbfffe80050e

           Last seen: 2020-06-19 10:17:42.961471121 +0200 CEST
           Timestamp: 0
       Reported time: 2020-06-19 08:37:51.83752521 +0200 CEST
            Platform: minihub - Firmware 2.0.4 - Protocol 2
      Frequency Plan: EU_863_870
              Bridge: gs.v3.
            Location: not available
                 Rtt: not available
                  Rx: (in: 0; ok: 0)
                  Tx: (in: 0; ok: 0)

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@KrishnaIyerEaswaran2, can you check your PM’s?
Waiting for your reply and beta firmware update.



@arjanvanb: Thanks for pointing that out.

It seems the firmware is already reported in platform on the NOC? (Or are these new details for the TTIG? I’ve used the same details to get a list of The Things Gateway firmware versions almost two years ago.)

This is because of the bridge updates that we pushed on Thursday 18 Jun. I was waiting for a couple of days to check stability before announcing it in the forum.

But yes now people with TTIGs can check the firmware versions of the gateway via the NOC API or using ttnctl and we can check this in our metrics as well.

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So for those who were asking me what has changed in the new firmware, you can check the LoRa™ Basics Station releases page.

The TTIG currently runs 2.0.0 (for everyone except the beta testers). And the Beta software contains all the updates upto v2.0.5.

  1. Yes I know the firmware version is read as 2.0.4 and the release says 2.0.5 but 2.0.5 has no functional changes. For more details, please check the repository. (Also, this is not maintained by me so I can’t answer questions on it).
  2. And I’m sorry there isn’t a more concise explanation of the changes. I’ll create one later on.
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Interesting to see this released on Github. I’m presuming that this intends to be a viable option for running gateways on Linux systems as an alternative to the Semtech forwarder and the deprecated TTN Packet forwarder software (which I’m still running on one gateway).

Yup that’s exactly why it’s open source.


This was available on GitHub (at least) since February 2019.

Be aware though, the ESP8266 platform specific implementation of BasicStation used for TTIG is not public and is not available on GitHub (that was at least the policy last year and I suspect this will not have changed). The implementation for Linux is fully open.


Well, I’m not sure what has changed as I haven’t had time to set up an end node to transmit over my TTIG with the new beta firmware, but the TTIG status is now showing connected on the web page. Tried using the HTTP call @arjanvanb posted, but it does not return the firmware version for me - just the usual location and last contact data.

Are you still looking for beta testers and is the beta test available for USA gateways?

Just send a PM and you will become aware.

Thank you - done.

@KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 The most important and desired feature of all would be, to be able to enter coordinates on the configuration page and have them visible in the uplink fields of the messages. This would improve the mapping with TTNMapper a lot! I would buy another TTIG straight away if this feature would be implemented.


Gateways should not send coordinates unless they have a GPS. However, you should already be able to set coordinates in TTN Console instead. If those are not included in the messages, then that’s a bug, probably the same as Gateways don't show up in TTN mapper Android App - #3 by arjanvanb.

how can i send you a private message?

Click on the name of the poster of a message and you should get a pop-up, at the right there should be a big “message” button…

Got it! Thanks

Hello everyone,

Thanks for your interest in testing the beta firmware and thanks to all the volunteers. I’m going to configure this for @gornialberto and one other person who PMed me.

We have enough volunteers now so I’m closing this topic.


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