TTIG with a 4G/5G Backhaul

Hi Guys,

I`m a newbie and I would like to operate a solar powered LoRaWAN station.
I already know this article:

My question is, is there a solution to use the TTIG with 4G or 5G connection?
If not, which gateway can you recommend with a low power consumption and a 4G/5G connection? (5G is not a must have, but it would be nice)

Is the “Dragino LG308 Indoor”-gateway a good one for my requirements?

The DLOS8 with 4G would be a better fit. Outdoor gateway and 4G :slight_smile:

BTW, did you notice the search option for this forum? There have been numerous discussions regarding solar powered gateways already.

…and posts of power use estimates/rough tests for various GW’s allowing eval for Solar deployments…

Have done with Laird RG186 (rehoused for ODU), TTIG’s, RPi/RAK units etc…though not 308’s - as SX1301 based likely similar order of consumption as a RG186? Many more, reasonable low cost ODU’s - such as the DLOS8 called out, now available in the market c/w years previous :slight_smile:

Forum Search is your friend :wink:

Newer SX1302/03 based devices tend to be lower power and more Solar friendly :slight_smile: