TTIG wont power up from AC

My TTIG no longer powers up by plugging in into AC 120v power (US) with the supplied adapter. I am only able to power it through USB-C now. Any suggestions or recourse for replacement?

I made no changes or modifications to the TTIG. I removed the adapter to check the pins and they don’t appear to be burned or corroded.

IIRC they use a standard (Meanwell?) PSU module that a competent/qualified electrician/electronics engineer could swap out…if outside warranty. If still under warranty simply get it swapped?! Personally I run all mine off external USB C PWR as this removes a source of heat from inside the box…potentially extending its life. Removes a switching PSU from close proximity to the more sensitive electronics…potentially improving sensitivity, improving noise floor & reliability. And allows better positioning vs being tied to a mains power outlet, improving installation flexibility. So what’s to loose :wink: Search Forum for prior pictures of internals and comments on opening box if going down replacement PSU route…

Thanks. I guess ill continue the USB power route. Just not as clean as plugging it right in the wall. Your benefits are good points.

I had something similar happen with my TTIG. The device ran for about 2 months before failing. Amazon sent out a USB C cable and wall wart.