TTN-Aargau, Switzerland

Hi TTN Community

The TTN-Aargau is back. With 18 gateways we are still a small group and there are many white spots on the map. Be a part of the LoRa History and help the TTN community to build a nationwide LoRaWan network.

Do you live in Aargau? Then join our community. We are happy about every active member. Future meetings are planned, get involved!

Please visit us at:


Hi there,
I joined the community some time ago and recognized that the Gateways in the Northern part of Canton Aargau are not displayed on the community map. Is that for a reason?

Hi Flo
It looks like you have to join a community to get listed in the community Map. I guess this is why the gateways at the Swiss/German borders are not part of the map :frowning:
It would be nice to get some additional members and gateways on the Aargau group. If you know the owner, ask him to join :slight_smile:
Best regards André

Hi André
Thanks for your reply.
Actually I own one gateway (eui-a840411dc2dc4150) in Leibstadt and am part of the community as well. Seems to be another issue then.
I try to get in contact with potential other interested members in our region.
Best regards

Hi Florian
Make sure, that you have all the options active in Gateway → Settings → Privacy .
The next thing could be a bug. I changed the zoom level on the map and now your gateways are on the Map. I will schedule a Meetup in March. Your welcome to join :wink:

Hi André
Thanks for the hint also regarding the meetup. I joined the group.
Looks like a massive growth of gateways now :wink:

Ha ha, it’s funny that it count the gateways in a given circle. We could rule the world :smiley: