TTN account server?

Following the instructions for configuring “The Things Gateway” at, I have come to the “Account Server” field. The instructions have a link to a “Server Addresses” page, which in turn has links to other pages depending upon which network one is connecting to - in my case I am following the “Community edition addresses” link as I am using TTN. However, that page does not identify an “Account server” URL per se. It does have a section titled “Account and OAuth”, but the URL shown there ( bears no relation to the default URL in the field on the gateway (, so I am uncertain as to which is correct.

Googling I did find a page discussing this default URL, and from the page’s context this appeared to relate to the V2 account server and supposedly this is now out of date, but following the link for the Things Stack V3 documentation brought me back to the documentation that I was following to begin with. I am therefore none the wiser as to whether the old URL has been replaced by the “Account and OAuth” one or not?

So the address should be the root HTTP path of the cluster to which you are connecting. So something like:
I’ll add a note to the docs

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Super - thanks Krishnalyer. :slight_smile: