TTN and Datacake

i use TTN v3 and now (Cayenne is down) Datacake.
I‘ve a Problem with the payload from TTN to DataCake. The temperature and the humidity is (a little bit :slight_smile: ) to high. 5.812,23 C and 4.301,00 %rh is not correct.
How can i change it.


Payload decode error? Were you using CLPP?

What decoder are you using? What is node device? TTN Repository/decoder or manual implementation?

thx for your answer. I‘ve used all payload formatters in ttn , no change.
I‘ve copied the payload formatter from datacake to ttn, no change.

The two payload decoders are very very different!

To help you will need to provide the details asked for - what is the device, where did you get the decoders from as well as being given ALL of the decoder on the TTN console - there is so much not shown in the box that you can’t really think we can figure it out???

Please post the code as text using the </> tool to format it.

It would help enormously to see what the payload that both TTN and Datacake are processing and what values you reasonably expect to see.

According to your instructions with the different payload decoders, I deleted the devices at Datacake and re-created them.
Apparently I made a mistake during the first installation, which caused the problems. Now it works as it should.
Thank you very much for your help/hints.

P.S. The Devices are Dragino LHT52 and Dragino LHT65

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