TTN and Graphical user interface

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i am trying to find the best solution for a graphical interface cloud software to integrate with TTN , something like Cayenne but with user levels and a little more flexibility but easy to use, basically we would like to deploy solutions to customers who want to monitor data of there factory. but certain staff at those factories cannot have access to setup levels , which cayenne lacks, Any guidance would be be awesome .thanks

I’m sure there’s something of your liking in Visualize (and push) your IOT data?

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Thanks I saw that post but would take ages to go through all of them . Was hoping someone had some experience with some of them and could suggest. I have looked at cayenne but it lacks user level. I tried to setup azure but you need to be a rocket scientist.

I would suggest Thingsboard, with it multi-tenant feature… although integration with TTN is not easy in the community edition (very easy in the professional edition)

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Right so thingsboard seems amazing with options , takes a little getting use to but plenty functions to suite most needs.


@MotionTronic We’ve evaluated at least 6 GUI/Software platforms in the last 2 years - from the ‘Off-the-shelf’ kind, with very little input (but not very flexible and costly) to DIY and pseudo-DIY. ‘Lucky #7’ for us has been Losant out of Ohio, US (if you’re in the US, then good). Their website is

We like them because they met all our requirements, including the fact that we’re not developers and are more into the connectivity side. Also, it is very affordable compared to all others. In fact you can sign in, create an account with no credit card or any commitment, use a ‘Sandbox’ area that allows up to 10 devices, alerts, integrations, workflows, dashboards and 1 million payloads total per month to test! Others that we’ve tried allowed only 5 devices or nothing at all unless you signed a bunch of ‘papers’ with them. Losant it’s a pseudo-DIY easy enough to figure things out because it’s more of an AEP (Application Enablement Platform) than a Software Platform perseé. This means they do the ‘hard work’ on the backend, you only need to know a bit of coding for complex routines (like JSON objects, strings etc) which you can Google, but if you’re a dev this would be piece of cake. If you’re not, they have videos, forums, documents, tutorials and even thru e-mail they are very responsive. Others expected us to do the whole ‘development’ part, were not flexible enough or simply didn’t have all the ‘bells and whistles’ we needed in a dashboard.

As I said, we’ve looked hard for a ‘happy medium’ software/AEP platform and so far in 2+ years Losant has it all. Hope this helps! Good luck! :red_circle:

@redwirelessus thank you for a detailed reply. I will take a look. Been looking at ubidots which seems to be really easy to use has white label, user and organisation levels, multi input options etc. But no alarming etc only events. Thingsboard was awesome with all the functions but to complicated to use.

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I have been using a combination of Node RED, InfluxDB and Grafana just by watching some tutorials on youtube.

I see you are doing weather - have a look at my weather dashboard developed in Grafana.

Grafana offers a lot of flexibility, is open source and has a great community around it.



Sensahub might be suitable:

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