TTN at Prague / CZ

Hi everyone,

we would like to roll out TTN at Prague / Czech republic. 10 pcs of Loranks are on the stock and another 10 pcs are on the way. I am waiting for reply from Wienke to officially join TTN. Feel free to ask me.


Hi, why are you waitting? At the morning I activated RPi and simply start sending status packets :slight_smile:


I have lit new GW in suburb Prague. I can not see it on the map. The gateway is registred as b827ebfffeae70f3
Any idea?

OK, now I see it…

Hi all,

I just tried to test Prague TTN coverage. I choosed measure point on Petrin Tower 389 m AMSL - about 300m high hill. I supposed most of active gateways will receive RisngHF Temperature/Humidity sensor with small PCB antenna. For measure I used TTNMapper server with my mobile. Here I attached snapshot of screen. I suppose I reached all Prague active gateways. Missed one active just day before - Zabehlice/Zirovnicka was probably switched off. Quite surprising is not reached Kladno GW. May be low height of it? Farest Gateway i Luziny (abt 7km) (out of picture in southwest) Is my testing GW - iFemtocell with whip antenna on window,