TTN AU Community Zoom Call & preparing for V2-->V3 migration

Now that we have a country category (thanks @kersing for setting this up!) I am copying the invite for our next community call here (check also the TTN Slack #Australia channel).

Since some people indicated the last call that an out of business hour call would be preferable we have moved the meetings to 5.30 ADL time which should work for most (sorry WA!). Happy to discuss times in the next call.

TTN Australia Zoom meeting:
When: Feb 17, 2021 05:30 PM AdelaideAgenda:

  • AU915 default frequency sub-band for Australian V3 Community Cluster
  • Preparation and road map for V2 → V3 migration in Australia

Please register in advance for this meeting:
[Meeting Registration - Zoom](Zoom meeting registration)

Since the V2–>V3 migration will be all about timing (moving gateways and applications) I think it is critical to have good coordination and communicating this to the whole community.

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