TTN Avignon, France

(Olivier Lépine) #21

It won’t be too long… One company is already onboarding. Another one should follow. All individuals and institutions (University?) are also obviously welcome!



Do you have any documentation on how safe is installing a antenna? lot of “corporate” and other are asking me those question before I can put a GW on their building.
such has what size, what radiation, is it safe for environment, people, …

(Olivier Lépine) #23

I’m not there yet, only using indoor antennas but I’ve seen some documentation regarding lightning on the TTN website at

I doesn’t start to cover all of the concerns you evoke but it’s a start. The legal matter should also not be ignored, after all we are in France and there are more regulations than inhabitants :wink:

My 2 cents, starting with indoor antennas and simple gateways is the way to go in urban zones where density will offset limited range. In rural areas, robust gateways with outdoor antennas might be the solution but with price markup that only deep-pocket businesses, institutions or crowdfunding may match, at least for the time being.

I’m gonna ask a colleague with an extensive knowledge about radio and antennas about that to try and gather some good practices.

(Jac Kersing) #24

When asked these questions my reply is: radiation is less than an WiFi access point, also LoRaWAN gateways send a lot less compared to access points. The power is also a fraction of what a cell phone potentially uses (max 2 watt) at these frequencies which people put next to their heads.

(Tyrower) #25

For a TTN Avignon get-together sometime, we could maybe invite some of my friends from ARV84 (Amateur/HAM Radio club in Vaucluse based in Althen-des-Paluds). I’m sure they’d love to fill us in on everything from antennas to legislation to self-builds. They’re a great bunch of people and the specialists in this area. I think they’d enjoy presenting their knowledge and we’d learn lots about these questions.

Which reminds me, I really need to get round to passing my Ham Radio licence…“one of these four days” :wink:

(Tyrower) #26

Nearly there! We’re up to 80% now. And our 3rd Avignon gateway - Thierry MAIGNAN’s in Montfavet/Agroparc - is up!

Just need to get that existing #avignon Slack Channel validated by the Core Team INRA Avignon account, and then we can meet up to Celebrate and “get motoring” properly :rocket:

(Inra Avignon) #27


At the moment our colleagues from Montpellier are doing some tests with TTN.

We are impatient to experiment too here in Avignon after summer.

We are happy to see the community we have initiated growing.

We have two new core team members who can access the dashboard if needed :

We also have sent a request for a slack access, we hope to have news soon.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

(Tyrower) #28

Fantastic ! Thank you team @INRA-Avignon for initiating and for the update. And thanks for inviting Olivier and myself into the Core Team.

(Tyrower) #29

Hope to meet you all soon. For anyone who hasn’t yet joined, don’t forget to link up with us on the Slack channel and follow the Meetup group to know when we’re going to have our first get-together. We’ll keep you posted here too as soon as we have a venue (that’s what we’re waiting on). Wishing you all a good 1st May.


(Tyrower) #30

Great news. We have a venue sorted for our 1st meetup thanks to @crapougnax !

Participate in our Doodle to choose the best suitable date :

We’ll be fully up and running by early June.

(Olivier Lépine) #31

And we now have set our date. Our first Meetup will take place on Monday 28 May in the Agroparc area.

Thanks to Logic’Gram for hosting the event.

You can register at this address:

(Inra Avignon) #32

Great !

Unfortunately we will not be present but we are happy to see the community growing and soon become an official TTN community.

We will soon visit our colleagues from Montpellier who told us they are beginning three tests for their experiments in wheat fields, grapevines and trees !

Have a nice meetup !

(Aigo84) #33

Just ordered the tightwad version, (rak831 + WisAP) with a badass antenna, gonna set it up here in Pernes-Les-Fontaines. I’m eager to meet yous on monday !

(Olivier Lépine) #34

Hello All,

We are now an official TTN community and only the 6th french city to achieve this goal.

Congrats to all the participants !

Now it’s time to build upon this network and promote use cases for both businesses and individuals. Every idea is quite welcome !

We will talk more about that on our second meetup. In the meantime, feel free to reach the core members in this forum or via our dedicated Slack channel.

See you soon.

(Olivier Lépine) #35

Hello All,

next meet up is next Thursday, the 28th of June. We want to meet again before Summer vacations to discuss IoT projects started or at an earlier stage.

Please register on if you plan to come.

Hope to see you there.