TTN Avignon, France

For those about to TTN, we salute you ! :guitar:

We are very excited to initiate this community and contribute to extend TTN.

We encourage people to join us because diversity is the key : Technicians, researchers, people from industry, scientists, students, engineers, start-up, curious…

Every sector is welcome : Research, environment, architecture, industry, health, agriculture, teaching…

Cheers ! :wine_glass:


Welcome to TTN France, enjoy :slight_smile:

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don’t forget a link to the new community here :sunglasses:

The link to the community :


Hi from Orange :orange_heart:, just up the RhĂ´ne/Road !

Looking forward to participating in the Avignon TTN Community.

Alan Mc - Irish Framboise


I joined the community and just added my first gateway!

Hope to meet you all soon.


I’ve just added my Gateway today too. It’s a Raspberry Pi with IMST iC880A DIY Gateway here in Orange. I’m awaiting delivery of 2 Adafruit LoRa modules to start doing some experimenting and playing around with it. I also already have a Snootlabs Chistera Pi board but need an additional antenna as I’m currently using the 868 one on the Gateway.

I’m a bit too far away perhaps to be counted automatically in the TTN Avignon group on the map, but I’d like to help and participate from Orange as much as I can.

It would be good to have a get together to meet up “IRL” as suggested by @crapougnax - hope to meet you soon too and welcome to the community!

Et j’imagine que nous ne sommes pas obligés de communiquer uniquement en anglais par ici aussi… :grin: J’ai hâte d’explorer plus et d’échanger avec vous tous au sujet de TTN.


Yes we can!

Bien sûr qu’on peut communiquer en français chaque fois que c’est possible !

Je crois que le premier objectif serait de faire en sorte que notre communauté remplisse les critères d’une communauté active c’est à dire avoir une couverture de l’agglomération suffisante et plus de membres.

Pour remplir ces deux objectifs, il nous faut recruter des membres et peut-être collaborer pour mettre en place des gateways similaires afin de faciliter l’échange et la coopération sur leur maintenance (install party, sensibilisation des entreprises…?)

En tout cas, une première rencontre me semble un bon préalable.

@INRA-Avignon nous proposerait-elle une petite salle de réunion un de ces soirs ? :wink:

A vous voir.

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:+1: +1 ;o)

English please

Well, that was exactly @tyrower’s point in his latest message.

Must we communicate in english in this topic since we’re addressing a french-speaking community, not always that comfortable with foreign langages?

I understand it might be a requirement of this forum but I’ve haven’t been able to find any reference…

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yes … if you browse this international forum you must have noticed.
thank you for understanding.

Hi BoRRoZ,

Thanks for the clarifications.

Can we at least sometimes write “bilingually” do you think (e.g. writing in English and then translating to French below)? Even as a native English-speaker myself, I can see the language being a potential barrier to some who would otherwise be very willing, able and happy to join in with TTN and the community here.

I’m guessing if we set up the Slack channel for our Avignon Community, at least that could be in French? Correct me if I’m wrong.

For info and trying to be helpful, here’s the translation of what I had said a few days ago in French :

And what @crapougnax had replied:

Looking forward to growing our community here in the South of France and taking part in the wider TTN world!

Wishing you a good evening.

Hi tyrotower,

thank you for your efford to translate.

TTN is global, and therefore they decided that english is the only language allowed on the board.
I understand that this can be difficult for some younger people, or technicians who don’t speak the language, also we can’t have moderators for every world language.

So again, no exception, English only

thank you

* from this point non english replies will be removed

Understood. Thanks.

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I’ve set up a gateway (RPi3 + RAK831N) in Rochefort-Du-Gard a month ago. Just received an outdoor antenna, and thinking how to set it up (gateway in an external enclosure vs. gateway indoor and as short as possible low loass cable to outdoor antenna).
Sadly, gateway is a bit too far from Avignon to be counted as an Avignon’s TTN community one.

Ready for IRL meeting !
Have a nice day

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Hello @pilecointre,

I think more and more that we should consider the Avignon community as wide as the agglomeration is (and not only the city limits), since this is the actual way public affairs are handled now.

We should meet ASAP as informally as possible around drinks at a pleasant outdoor location. :beers: any suggestion welcome !

I think we have most to discuss about hardware (gateways, antennas, range) and obviously devices and use cases.

BTW I just ordered the official TTN gateway that I should receive tomorrow. For those interested, there are one hundred available units at Farnell.

Good day to all.

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Hello All,

As of today, we now have an official TTN gateway up and running and covering most of Avignon.

And, oh boy! it was so easy to setup and it now works like a charm.

I think we need a similar-range gateway in Agroparc to expand our city coverage towards businesses. I’m discussing with companies in the area to that effect.


Well done @crapougnax ! It’ll be brilliant to extend and cover as large a surrounding area as possible ;o) The “Grand Avignon” region and further across Vaucluse and into the Gard.

Now we’re just missing 3 more members to be official. We’ll keep spreading the word =o)