TTN-AWS Integration and Application Data Breakdown


I recently used the prebuilt AWS Integration to build a bridge from one of our TTN applications to AWS IoT. Upon successful build and deployment of the integration, the application stopped receiving data from the devices it’s associated with - i.e. no data has been shown on IoT’s MQTT client, the datastream in the TTN application has stopped, and a previously “verified working” client (MQTT.fx) no longer sees data on the application-specific or wildcard topics. The devices themselves are confirmed working, and the gateway logs show that the data is still being received as expected, but as stated there seems to be a disconnect between that and the application (which may be the cause for the IoT/MQTT errors). The application was unchanged during the IoT Integration setup, leading us to believe the Integration itself was the cause, but troubleshooting so far—updating the build, restarting the environment, checking the logs—has yielded no results. Are there additional debugging steps we could try? Any help is much appreciated.

EDIT: The region is the same across the application and AWS as well, and the initial setup resulted in the application’s devices being synced as Things in AWS - albeit with no data :frowning:

Yeah same issue here