TTN Chelmsford, UK


Just wanted to say hello from the TTN Chelmsford community.

We’ve been up and running for over a year now, at the early stages of development and not yet an official community (hope to be soon!).

While it’s taken longer than expected to get going, we’ve now got 4 Gateways up and running, have 8 contributors and two companies that have approached us looking to run projects - which is great!

We’re hoping to have our 1st meet-up soon - I will post up details when we’ve got something booked.

Do feel free to get in touch with me or the TTN Chelmsford community if you’re looking to discuss possible projects or ideas in our location or indeed if you have any suggestions.

Looking forward to collaborating with you all.



and welcome !

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Does anyone go to any specific meet ups specifically driven at IoT, LPWAN?