TTN Community - Soledad, Colombia

Hi All,

We just setup a TTN community in Soledad, Colombia. If you live in Soledad please join with us. We are in the mission of providing a LoRaWAN coverage to the entire Soledad city as soon as possible. We will help you to set up your gateways and help to build your own gateways.

Please visit the below link to join.

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Congratulation @Pradeeka.
We have a Telegram group for IberoAmerican TTN communities.
You can join using this link

Kind regards from Madrid

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Our first ‘Things Indoor Gateway’ is installed in Barranquilla. It provides network coverage to Soledad as well as to the Barranquilla.

See the community map for gateway location.

Gateway owner: @Tarcila

Nice. Note that the internal antenna is now positioned horizontally, in your photo. That may affect its range? See Does horizontal/vertical placement of a device matter?

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Thanks for the tip @arjanvanb . Yes, I already noticed that. :slight_smile: We haven’t tested the range yet. We will mount it as vertical later, but we have to replace the wall socket first. All the sockets installed in this house are horizontal. :slight_smile:

In case you’re adding an external antenna instead of rotating the wall socket: some put that antenna connector in a different place:

TTIG external antenna

TTIG external antenna
From TTIG Outdoor Housing with Omni Antenna in 1 hour.

TTIG external antenna
From TTIG : The Things Indoor Gateway.

Thanks @arjanvanb
Really useful :slight_smile: