TTN Conference on Tour UK

I see on the general TTN Conference on tour leaflet that their was to be one in the UK this October is this still on ? I Guess not but like confirmation.Simon

There was a placeholder set after last Conf and discusions within the UK organising team and various ‘helpers/volunteers’ had started about potential where and when but with Covid & lockdown this has been put on hold - atleast as a physical event. We will be discussing how the UK and Community can contribute to the Jan virtual event.

The link shows original Reading 2019 event and no doubt will be updated as and when anything new decided & commited. (Note early viewers saw a Certificate warning - a https cert expired and has now been corrected :slight_smile: )

Lets all keep active and contributing through the Forum in the meantime and look forward to a good f2f event once we can handle safely (post vaccine?!).

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