TTN console down

Hello, Since Last night I am experiencing an issue with accessing the TTN console. Any Help will be appreciated
ttn gateway down


I’m also facing this same issue today.
But I’ve checked the status page:

The Console status is Operational :thinking:

Same issue being faced…

same issue for me

Same for me

There were 2 outages on TransIP (our DNS provider ) and seems like European servers were affected the most.

At the moment the console is back. We believe that the DNS outage could be related. We’re investigating.

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Down in New Zealand too, but it’s back now. Also my MQTT program that fetches data stopped seeing new data after 18:02 (local time) and didn’t come back. I have restarted it and I hope it will get new data again.

I couldn’t see if there was new data in the console at that time (because the console was down) but the console is up now, and saw my node 13 minutes ago. But I didn’t get any MQTT data 13 minutes ago.

It’s back now. It looks like I had to restart the MQTT client to get new data after things went away.