TTN Console timeout

I note that after some minutes of inactivity, the console is disconnected and this message is showed

Anyone has the same problem? Here using chrome, windows 10. But I think that this occurs in any browser.

Thanks in advance.



happen the same on brave with mac os :frowning:

It is a pity that you have to be refreshing every 10 minutes, it must be something very simple to solve I think :wink: .

Happens with other browers and pc/tablet & mobile OS’s too…its a real PITA! esp with upto 30 GW tabs + overview list open at any time alongside multiple application and device windows…
found I had to ‘refresh’ over 50 pages the other day after returning to machine after short break…and of course as data only shown live a refresh wipes earlier list of traffic/payloads/metadata etc…not good for monitoring or debug of intermitent isses…ah well! :cry:

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Never better explained, it is a suffering for debugging

I´m not sure, but issue seems to be solved…
Can some #sysop confirm that?

Thanks in advance.