TTN Console timeout

I note that after some minutes of inactivity, the console is disconnected and this message is showed

Anyone has the same problem? Here using chrome, windows 10. But I think that this occurs in any browser.

Thanks in advance.



happen the same on brave with mac os :frowning:

It is a pity that you have to be refreshing every 10 minutes, it must be something very simple to solve I think :wink: .

Happens with other browers and pc/tablet & mobile OS’s too…its a real PITA! esp with upto 30 GW tabs + overview list open at any time alongside multiple application and device windows…
found I had to ‘refresh’ over 50 pages the other day after returning to machine after short break…and of course as data only shown live a refresh wipes earlier list of traffic/payloads/metadata etc…not good for monitoring or debug of intermitent isses…ah well! :cry:

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Never better explained, it is a suffering for debugging

I´m not sure, but issue seems to be solved…
Can some #sysop confirm that?

Thanks in advance.

I’m new here and I’m confused because I can’t find any procedure how to start new topic. Only some automatic informed me about limiting new members. So I’m using this thread to ask for advice. I’ve made registration new accontand my new gateway yeasterday 2019/10/19. This morning I was able to see my gateway works. After aprox.10am EU time I lost ability configure my account and access to TTN concole (page shows only literaly one big black hole/dot). Do you have the same experience / problem?

and did you check again today ? :upside_down_face: