TTN Console V3 and Gateway Monitoring & Alerting

Hi all,

In the TTN V3 console the status of a gateway (Connected versus Disconnected) is very accurate and updated quickly if a gateway is down.

But why isn’t it possible to add an alert that IF =“ disconnected” THAN sent E-MAIL?

For the whole communicy and for TTN itself it is most important that all of the gateways are up as much as possible. And if one gateway is down, the Admin’s need to know quickly.

Yes, with the API you can create your own monitoring.

  1. I am not that good :wink:
  2. It should be a basic function I think.

Anybody knows maybe how to create alerting on gateways in V3?


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If it is a basic function, maybe you could become better by implementing it?

You may find it easier to setup a small device near the gateway and then you can detect if that has stopped uplinking - this then tests the entire path from gateway receiver all the way through TTS to your end point. If you search the forum for ‘canary’ it should throw up previous discussions along this line.

It’s a long shot but you could submit a feature request for such a requirement at TTN github repository: Issues · TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-stack · GitHub

In the short run, I would like to suggest investing in your knowledge of Node-Red. Through a periodically pull request on the TTN-API you can request your gateway status and depending on the outcome you can send yourself an email or tweet a message like this bot:

Yes, this is a possibility. However, my network at has now about 16/17 gateways covering 160 km2 and overlapping each other for redundancy. A canary sensor won’t always be the best solution for me in this case.

And for all my sensors I have monitoring on in Datacake. If not seen in 1440 minutes, I get an alert,

I made my first feature request ever! :grinning:

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You’ll see in the various discussions that it’s suggested you check for your gateway in the metadata - it’s not the mere presence of the uplink, it’s the detail of the uplink - which may well cover a number of gateways for you at once.

The canary with a small enough payload can run at around 3 minutes as well.

Such feature is currently in planning but will still take a while since we will implement it as part of a general Event Server that will allow setting up a whole range of user-defined triggers (e.g. if my-gateway status = disconnected) and actions (e.g. send an email). This will, among other things, support users in a variety of maintenance and monitoring use cases, especially when running large fleets.


Is this something that will be run on TTS CE? Strikes me as having a server load that wouldn’t be in the normal profile of the CE setup we now have.

Hi @descartes TTS CE is the new name of TTN V3 I believe. Is that correct?

Hi @kschiffer looks good.

I will wait and see.

Any wildest idea when this will be released?


Yes, although technically it never was TTN v3, it just took time for the real name to leak out.

I’d be voting for not on TTS CE unless it’s got restrictions in place from the beginning and doesn’t show a significant impact on the whole CE cluster.

Restrictions? TTN v2 recently had a bit of a melt down and a restriction of 50 MQTT connections per application was put in place. Yup, that’s fifty! So as we tend to use all the resources we can have (for free), if it is available for CE, I’d hope we can only have one email address for alerts and can expand up from there if it’s OK. And perhaps not be too trigger happy on alerts - so whilst TTI may run at 2 minutes, maybe we have to wait 10.


as set out earlier, my technical knowledge is to some level so the impact must be decived by the TTI guys.

And yes, TTS CE is a free services and therefore the functions and possibilities are limited.

For me:

  1. the alerting to 1 email address of the TTS CE user is OK
  2. checking & alerting every 30 minutes of even every 60 minutes is OK. I do not have to know real time when a gateway is down. And it is as stays a communicty network with beste-effort SLA.

The most important is that TTS CE runs as best as possible



This new feature will very likely be an enterprise (paid) feature when used limitation-free. We have yet to decide if and how this feature will be made available for TTS CE as well.

I wish I could say but I cannot make any estimations. For the moment we’re very much dedicated to optimizing the stability and fleshing out more essential functionality of the software before taking on more big features like these.

I am sorry to say it but your feature is not helpful for the community as they run on TTN-CE and not on V3-enterprise. In addition is “thinking about it” and “not yet decided” not helpful either for the community because they have a need for such features now.

Lets not divert off topic and see what we can do now.

May be I must mod my simple Node-Red - Gateway API call - Display on Map - and add a Telegram component that will notify you when one of your gateways are down

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This URL works also (still) for TTS CE gateways…just change it in your gateway ID (gw-011 is my kickstarter gateway)

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So it does, good spot - this may make @Jeff-UK happy.

I had been using the previous V2 rough equivalent instance quite often


And aware of this for V3 however information returned far more limited as in

However, useful for a quick check if GW on line (‘true’) :slight_smile:

Have left several V2 GW’s set up as and when migrating them to V3 - i.e. havent chosen to delete V2 GW entry yet, but believe e.g. TTIG migrations or moving the TTGW (Kickstarter) takes old data off line as in

e.g original Gateway #1 now in V3:
now gone for V2

Her is a flow for node-red to pole your gateways and if it is offline send you a notification via Telegram.

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