TTN Curitiba, Brazil

(Marciolm) #1

Welcome topic for TTN Curitiba Community.
We are announcing the third multi-channel gateway in Curitiba area, deployed by our member Welington from Radtek.
We invite all people living here to deploy more TTN gateways in our area, to cover all the city !



(Wdesan) #3

With real data!!!

(Marciolm) #4

Very nice work !
Last monday we mounted the DYI gateway on the tower . To get power on it, we installed a PoE adapter to the Raspberry PI. The antenna is a simple copper wire J-pole. The pictures are below.
In the initial tests the signal reached 2.42 km NLOS, with a little 1/4 wave antenna.


(Xandcapcom) #5

Olá Marcio, poderia entrar em contato para tirar umas duvidas, estou montando meu Gateway aqui em SP Butantã. Obrigado

(Marciolm) #6

Hello Xandcapcom
Yes, you can post your questions here in this topic. There are here in the TTN a lot information about gateways and ckeck the tab "labs" in the main page.

Our member, Diego Antunes just installed the 4th gateway in the #TheThingsNetworkCWB community !

(Thais Yuriko de Groot Midorikawa) #7

Hi Marcio! I see you connected your RPi to the LoRa gateway with jumpers instead of with an adapter board. Has it worked ininterruptedly since you installed it? Are you using a POE as a power supply?

(Marciolm) #8

Hello Thayuriko,
Yes, I connected the RPi using jumper wires and (fortunately) it is working flawlessly since the installation. I know, it’s not the best thing to do, but I don’t have the adapter board.
I found the PoE kit (injector + splitter) for RPi on Aliexpress for about US$ 13.

(Prates) #9

Olá Marcio,
Gostaria de lançar um gateway em Belo Horizonte. Consigo encontrar em algum lugar as informações sobre o setup que vocês utilizaraam em Curitiba?

(Marciolm) #10

Hello Prates
The setup is very basic, with a Raspberry Pi 3, a Risinghf SX1301 board and a Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapter. You can buy the kit from Welington (wdesan), a TTN Curitiba member, who has a store in Curitiba, or from a seller from Aliexpress who sells RAK831 kits for 915 MHz.

(Xvinny) #11

Hello! I just deployed a gateway here in Curitiba!



(Wdesan) #12

Great News!

I think it’s time for a TTN Curitiba Community meeting, isn’t it?

I can help with hosting / logistics