TTN doesn't consider GPS data from GW ?


Is there a bug or specific settings to apply in TTN so it takes into account properly GPS data sent by the GW. Whatever gw model I try and that sends their GPS position in the ping payload it doesn’t update gw map position in console (I have setup device in TTN console to use GPS data from device).
Is it a bug in TTN ? not yet implemented ? needs some specific settings somewhere ?



Using the :mag: on “gateway gps”, I find this from 14 days ago:

There may be other related posts too

On the GW Console page under the Location Tab there is option for location source…most set manually directly in the console but there is an option to update from source status message - read the little ? for information - UDP based GW’s not supported…

Thanks for the info and sorry for that I had not noticed the little mention about fact gw has to be connected in authentified mode with TTN server to get GPS data used by TTN. I have switched my RAK7289 from packet forwarder to authentified mode with API key and TLS certificate ! Gateway is still working for LORA downloink/uplinks but it’s not taking into account GPS data of gw :frowning: I’m not sure how gw is supposed to send GPS data in this mode as it just sent a sort of registration message at beging but that’s it !

If you are using LoRa Basics Station, it does not support GPS data.

oki so basically it’s impossible to send GPS data at TTN to update properly gw coordinates ? My Rakwireless gw has only the packet forwarder or Basics Station mode ! Are there some other modes ?


There are other packet forwarders that might not be included in the firmware provided by RAK…

BTW, gateway coordinates should be fixed as moving gateways will cause havoc in the network (DoS attack for nodes). So there is no real need to have the coordinates updated from the gateways GPS,

Probably not, but as @kersing, moving gateways shouldn’t be on TTN. The GPS provides an accurate timebase for Class B & C devices.

And it’s a “merketing” thing - that is the merky world of marketing. If I start putting an iced bun on top of a gateway and can sort of prove that it helps it work better, the following week there will be others with whole cakes on top, all making claims, to keep up with the latest merketing trends.

I have many gateways without GPS and they all work very very well.

oki, thanks for details as I was not aware there were different packet forwarders :wink:

yep I get it for GPS not really needed for fixed gws :wink: what is the think about havoc in network ? not sure to understand what you are talking about :confused:

Thanks for the nice picture :wink: and yep got it, so I forget about it and just be careful that gw itself has well GPS lock (for accurate timebase) and that’s it :sunglasses:

Thanks guys for time and explanations :ok_hand:

Search the forum. Or think about what ADR does with node settings and what happens when that gateway moves away.

Thanks for the info, found some white papers at Semmtech website explaining in details ADR, learnt a lot of very interesting things :slight_smile:

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For clarity, as this is an issue that comes up, not particularly from moving gateways, more people turning them off when they go on holiday or some such, is that if a device is settled talking to a gateway and the gateway goes away, the device may take a long time before it figures out it’s not being heard and it starts adjusting its settings.

This is very much paraphrased. :wink:

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