TTN Dubai , United Arab Emirates

Let’s start a Dubai r-iot !
There is a Dubai community on TTN, it has it’s Slack group
(well, I just started it but maybe you will be 2nd on there ?)
When a few names start showing I will try and set-up an event for us to share ideas.
CU then, Peter


welcome !

Here is the new invite link (unlike the first one in the original post, this link shouldn’t ever expire) :
Wishing you a splendid year-end and let’s get started truly in 2019 !

It’s early days for the the TTN community in Dubai, but this city has a knack for “putting the pedal to the metal” when it comes to developing new ideas, so join in and let’s establish a free IOT data network covering as much of the city as we can.

Do announce your presence and join our community, whether you have a node, a gateway, a keen interest or a brilliant idea !