TTN Dubai , United Arab Emirates

Let’s start a Dubai r-iot !
There is a Dubai community on TTN, it has it’s Slack group
(well, I just started it but maybe you will be 2nd on there ?)
When a few names start showing I will try and set-up an event for us to share ideas.
CU then, Peter


welcome !

Here is the new invite link (unlike the first one in the original post, this link shouldn’t ever expire) :
Wishing you a splendid year-end and let’s get started truly in 2019 !

It’s early days for the the TTN community in Dubai, but this city has a knack for “putting the pedal to the metal” when it comes to developing new ideas, so join in and let’s establish a free IOT data network covering as much of the city as we can.

Do announce your presence and join our community, whether you have a node, a gateway, a keen interest or a brilliant idea !


A Zoom session is scheduled for Sunday 31/5/2020 at 16h00 which will mark the ‘inaugural’ event for the Dubai TTN community. The idea would be to get to know each other and decide what where we want to take this community, schedule some next events and their format and content.
Would be great if you could join, or otherwise just PM me with any preferences, ideas or comments that we can incorporate in future planning.
Stay safe, apply LoRa distancing !

The url will be

Does this meeting have a password? If not, best have one unless you want some unwelcome contributions from the bored teenagers of the internet.

Thanks Nick for the advice. Great to see our community helping eachother out already !
Correspondingly I have created a new Zoom url and pwd :

Topic: TTN Community Dubai #1
Time: May 31, 2020 04:00 PM Dubai
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 760 7445 7651
Password: 4qVtZa
…now all I need to figure out is how to swap the event url on the home page of Dubai Community.
“Par” for a newbie I guess.

But by sharing the password in a public forum, you somewhat defeat it’s purpose. Albeit it will slow down those trying random meeting ID’s.

Send the password to those that request it.

Hi, just joined this group. Before I go and invest in a Lora gateway, can you advice if this is legal in UAE and any advice where to buy online? Gateways are not sold in amazon for example locally, which makes me wonder of its legality as spectrum is well controlled in UAE overall.

Have you got a definite answer from TRA on this?

Hi, I have recently left Dubai so I am no longer pursuing this actively w TRA. Its would be a shame for Dubai to try and promote tech startups and then to exert a strict monopoly on bandwidth, but I have no confirmation of the opposite either, sorry. All the best, Peter
PS anyone want to take over this community ?

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have news if it is legal to use LoraWAN in Dubai, UAE at a certain frequency/Power without any additional approvals/paperwork.

The legal element is key given that regulations are generally strictly enforced.


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Hello, about TRA, is it ok to use a 915mhz gateway in Dubai? Not for commercial purposes.

Per last time I looked at LoRa-Alliance Regional Parameters looks like UAE quite promiscuous wrt the allowed bands - 915 ok - if you go for the high band vs following US which allows lower band. (AS923-3 plan)


You need to validate and check yourself vs trusting some guy on a tech forum mind! :wink:

Personally in desert areas where there is a choice I would be inclined to to go lower with the EU863-870 band for several reasons - chance nodes may roam into EMEA/EU as a nearer territory, lower band has marginally longer range/penetration, and as some types of silica/sand has quite high alumina content sand dust in the air and certainly sand storms tend to higher attenuation at the higher frequencies from what I recall on work in Algeria/Tunisia OAG monitoring a long long time ago… (again worth checking!)

That’s good to know Jeff, I had no idea about this attenuation. Thanks a lot for the info!

I was asking just from the perspective of not getting a fine - as I have this gateway here in 915Mhz, im making some tests. I hope no police will come knocking my door :smiley: