TTN Edmonton, Canada

This subcategory is to discuss setting up TTN in Edmonton! You can discuss gathering a team, Edmonton specific problems and technical issues.

welcome ! :sunglasses:

:wave: hi! by any chance someone has LoraWan gateway on TTN in Southside Edmonton?

Doesn’t look like it:

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oh boi. im a newbie to this, and was hoping to evaluate a LoraWan node module without investing on a GW (yet).

but everything else (LoraWan + TTN + TT Stack) are interesting and looking like i need to spend nearly $150 to get started.

Evaluating without a gateway would be tricky at best, most people starting out without a gateway end up with one in the end.

Sure, there is a cost, but the backend servers are free.

A TTIG is around $90 an perfectly adequate to get going.

Or drive near to one of the gateways, but don’t sit on a park bench with lots of radio gear fiddling, makes the cops nervous.

exactly what I was thinking. drive and park at someone’s neighbourhood and just do a quick check with this (Grove - LoRa-E5) which is STM32WL based

but now its looking like i need to invest in a GW. TTIG is hard to find, none here in Canada. so far the P-NUCLEO-LRWAN2 looks interesting and TN Stack on docker containers.

I might be mistaken but if I recall correctly that one has sub optimal RF performance. Better to look for another option.

Why not the TTN community network? If you install a gateway one of your neighbors might start using it as well (and not need to spend the additional money).


Avoid! It’s ok for limited bench fiddling but they failed to follow full Semtech LoRaWAN ref design (IIRC missed out RF PA) and output power is limited… can hear a node at distance but may not be able to reach it! Dho! Potentially disruptive to you and other users… if going that route work on it in a Faraday cage so no outside disruption :wink:

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Erm, it might be TTN Stack but it’s actually TTS Open Source edition.

Which would be adding a whole pile of stuff to get to grips with - the install instructions are fine but then you have to look after it whilst learning LoRaWAN and if you come unstuck, we won’t know if it’s your install, your device etc etc.

If you have funds, look at a Pi based gateway - far more developer friendly as you can make it suit you and you get all the logs you can eat. The RAK7246 is good as a developer gateway, no point getting the G version as GPS is a bit academic if NTP is available.

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TTIG was available from Allied 2 years ago, I posted about it here:

I just checked the link and 32 units are available, but the price seems incorrect. ($6K each)