TTN enabled SCGW possible with E45-TTL-100?

Hi all,
I’m a complete noob when it comes to LoRa. I have two E45-TTL-100 modules lying around. I have played around with them a little bit and managed to have both modules communicate with each other. They use UART for communication unlike other modules with the SX1276, which use SPI. I haven’t been able to retrieve information like SSRI etc.
I couldn’t find anything on these modules on Github or Google which is related to TTN.

So my question is: Am I right to assume that it is impossible to connect these modules to the TTN?

And if so, which inexpensive modules would you recommend to start out with? (I live in the EU)

1 - no … that is not possible
2 - SX1276 / rfm95 + mcu like esp8266… just search a bit more, there’s a lot of info about building a scgw

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