TTN Erfurt,Germany

Our network is growing slowly, meanwhile we have three main gateways at the start again and a total of 15 gateways in the vicinity.
So we are finally back on the right track in the TTN V3 network.
What we are currently wondering, how can we get the third gateway into the main group?
Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-03 um 17.44.07

THX Falk

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Which 3rd Gateway? What this ‘badge’ on the community page is telling you is 15 GW’s are considerered in range of and part of the Community with a target on min 2 needed before you can become a officially recognised community, unless there are other mitigating factors. This does not show 2 vs 3 for example…

You have smashed the number of GWs need to get acknowegedment :slight_smile: :+1:

Just as you have with # of contributors… 11 vs 8 needed…

Perhaps @rish1 can promote you guys to official status at this point :slight_smile: :tada: :fireworks: :champagne: :beer: :beers:

Ok thanks for the hint and my misunderstanding. :flushed:
Then we’re cool on the best way, thanks for the quick reply

Falk :grinning:

Hi @fpf2000, your community is now official :rocket: