TTN Erlangen / Nürnberg / Fürth, Germany

Hello everybody.

It seems that Erlangen and Nürnberg is now well covered by the gateways. Well Done!

It would be beneficial to have a semi-regular meet-up (or “Stammtisch”) to discuss the progress, possibilities and future development.

If you are from this region and want to participate, let me know!



I would agree. I am from Aurachtal near Herzogenaurach.

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Some LoRaWAN Enthusiasts, mostly, but not only around Fablab-Nuernberg use a Telegram Channel to discuss about LoRa and TTN Topics.
There is also a TTN Comunity Nurnberg
but i am no core-Member of this comunity, so i cant add this channel as Communication channel.

You may take a look to this ( Low traffic ) Channel ?