TTN_esp32 library for Arduino

I’ve made a library very similar with TheThingsNetwork/arduino-device-lib.
but for ESP32 plateform. The link :
This made lmic very easy to use.
The library recognizes automatically the heltec boards (Wifi lora 32 V1 & V2 and Wireless stick)
Tell me what you think…


Thanks, very useful! It nicely hides all the complicated lmic stuff. Your library makes a simple sketch much more readable.

So, you can now use your phone to provision the device. I developed a small application for Android which communicates in bluetooth low energy (BLE) with the device. You can download it at the following address:
and use the example ttn-otaa-BLE-provisioning

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Hi! I successfully tested the ttn-otaa example for sending messages to TTN with Heltec Wifi lora 32 V2. But I am having some problems with downlink messages: it seems that it’s not donwloading anything. Where can I find more infos on the onMessage method?
Thank you!