TTN GATEWAY central 2

(Grahame Horner) #23

wondering if this could be a sign of incorrect voltage getting supplied to the card circuit ? when hot = correct voltage and cool = low voltage aka brownout ?

has anyone done a voltage check on the faulty cards?

(Hylke Visser) #24

If there are people here who happen to have a Microchip PIC Programmer, please help the @TTP guys test a possible fix to (at least some of) the reboot issues. See

(Grahame Horner) #25

yes, this is want I will be doing and TBH I’m now contemplating not even trusting TTN ecosystem has a communication backend and looking at other options where the LoRaWan gateway is running something simple yet more flexible in terms of design and implementation using Microsoft IoT Edge concepts

IMHO this is yet another kickstarter project that has made promise after promise suffered delay after delay and now has shipped items that don’t deliver anything near the vision stated.

TBH I’d love to see the numbers, gateways infield, active/inactive packet/message sent/received uptime/downtime. % gateways issues

Thanks for you kind offer, but it simply doesn’t feel right for me to take money for something isn’t working (unlike this project) but if you’d be willing to donate to the teenage cancer trust I’d happily give the gateway to you.


Fortunately my gateway and my nodes run very smooth and without any problems. Also I do not care about the design and implementation, for me as an end user this stuff must just work like my toaster does.But I can well understand your frustration. I assume that you asked for refund or replament and shipping of tested replacement gateways. What was your experience concerning refund/replacement?

(Grahame Horner) #27

I’ve asked for a replacement but got no reply, I’ve no even been offered an alternative or any options? IF I WERE offered an exchange it would go along way to MY BIGGEST issue which is that I’ve waited and waited for this and got a faulty device and have NO way of progressing to resolve this problem other that the forums and all they seem to suggest is that it is a reboot issue?

TBH I’d possibly be happy with the reboot issue, at least I would be getting updates on progress of a fix? but my gateway looks to have been a DOA showing ND for the card from day one?

FYI just order 5 of these packages


This is not tolerable… would have driven me crazy if it had happened to me. It’s a shame…

(Reinier van der Lee) #29

@arjanvanb Adding to previous message:
Correct, replacement of module = resettling.
I found that the DOA unit when combined with the working LG9271 was initially working, but not operating stable, dropping connection, etc. With the non-working LG9271 it was not working at all.
The “broken” unit uses firmware 1.0.1, maybe this is causing instability. Would be great to verify if there is a method to revert back to the original firmware.
I have placed the working LG9271 LoRa module back on it’s original (working) board with firmware 1.0.0, and it has been running stable since.

(Arjan) #30

Or maybe hot = busy (operational), cool = not busy at all? (I’ve no clue.)

(Reinier van der Lee) #31

The Conduit does not have WiFi, so I cannot try your suggestion at the other location. We are planning an outdoor installation with external antenna, should fix the range issue there.

(Reinier van der Lee) #32

Yes, re-seating the very same module

(Erwin Homan) #33

I’m with @GrahameH. The TTN Gateway I have received has never worked beyond the first steps of the activation process.

It has been quite some time now that comparable issues have been reported. There have been very limited updates on the process, and nothing recently.

Fact is that non-functional equipment has been delivered to backers, after serious delays in the planning communicated in the kickstarter campaign.

I would like to get a fix or initiate an RMA-process to return the non-functional device. How do I do this?

(Willem (pe1dlf)) #34

where is the procedure how to upgrade with a MC PIC programmer documented please.

(Hylke Visser) #35

I’ll ask the @TTP guys to post a guide, but a quick Google search gave me this:

  • The device that needs to be selected is PIC32MZ2048EFM144
  • The file that needs to be programmed is the firmware-with-bootloader.hex

(Grahame Horner) #36

I’ve ask a number of times this very question without a reply other than he team is working on a fix, even emailing @Rish direct didn’t get me anywhere? Hope you have better luck, as this isn’t acceptable and one of the reasons the members in Newcastle upon Tyne have opted to leave the project as a network without good communication isn’t a network (human)

(Grahame Horner) #37

BTW comsumer rights do apply to the devices received, and therefore small claims court action could be filed as we have given the opportunity to repair/replace/refund which hasn’t been accepted.

This is something a number of the members in my area are looking into.

(Jeff Uk) #38

Hi Graham, as @CurlyWurly suggested hang on in there Bud! I feel your pain and its evident from your and other peoples forum posts that the GW fulfillment and implementation has not gone well for many. I’m not connected to the TTN team and havent seen the stats on failures/DOA/Re-boot issues but sounds like may be 5%/10%? overall have/had issues. Clearly not acceptable and if TTN core team honest they will say probably not handled well wrt communication & follow up.

I’ve watched TTN develop from aside over last 2.5 years but only started to get involved directly myself in the months running up to Xmas, helped by fact I saw GW stock come in at Farnell and after holding in ‘basket’ for a week or so decided to commit to one for ongoing client GW evaluation project. Was then horrified to see the forum posts - initially wrt shipment delays and missing deliveries due to logistics and then the initial rumblings of none performing units. I hesitated to start up my own GW until some 4-6weeks after delivery to see what patterns if any emerged (went straight to wired Enet and avoided WiFi connection as much as poss as one less variable! :wink: ).

Unlike you I was one of the lucky ones - GW arrived next day after order (appreciate that’s also salt in wounds of some backers!) and yes worked first time and generally reliably once set up and configured, despite repeated relocation & restarts from Thames Valley to North West and back and running on disparate network types (ethernet & DSL backhaul as well as Mobile BBand dongles).

So now looks like TTN have learned a few hard lessons along the way here and suspect they have been heads down sweating trying to resolve issues seen to date along with their subcontractors/partners.

They look to have solved future delivery problems by letting go of that task and moving out to using an established Distn channel (Farnell/Newark) and appear to have identified at least one design flaw (Xtal issue commented elsewhere) and look to be trying to fix by s/w where poss - if not I guess a fall back to H/W fix and/or swap-out will have to follow. Timing was likely bad for them (and therefore for people like yourself) given shipments starting in run up to Xmas w/w shipping volume peaks & rush, the emerging tech issues, Xmas & New Year break and then the cherry on top trying to finalise and pull through the 1st TTN conf. :slight_smile: None are excuses but I guess you can look at other end of telescope and see their problem…probably compounded by Chinese New Year a few weeks later I suspect also :wink:

So what about you…please look at what they have done overall - TTN is MUCH more than just the GW…and I suspect that in may ways the GW has almost proven to be a distraction and diversion given what is also available in the market place today - that wasnt evident when they kicked of on Kickstarter…

I’ve been using a mix of Laird, iMST, SMTC & TTN GW’s and had access to others and as was previously suggested I would (strongly) recommend you pick up alternate and look beyond the TTN GW that has given you so much grief. Get on with doing what you 1st wanted to do wrt using LoRaWAN for community connectivity and come back to the TTN GW in a few days, weeks or even months once the TTN team have a soln for you. Yes you have potential legal redress if you ‘bought’ as a consumer (with usual Kickstarter caveats of course!), but that is a negative way forward if you do proceed with small claims court (not credit/debit card charge back?!)… if you walk away now with your early experience poisoned you are all unlikely to return with any enthusiasm.

An offer for you…I am a regular visitor to N.East and have been occasionally trialling LoRa in the Tyne Valley region upstream from you over the last 1.5-2 years. Next week I am doing trials in N.West and if timing right I would be willing to head over to your area and try out my functional TTN GW to see if there is anything environmental &/or network related that is impacting your deployment by trying substitution. If I over run or next week is tight for you I will be back up in a few weeks so we can defer & try then. We can potentially have the systems side by side and (carefully please!) compare circuit voltages etc (address your questions/comments above) to try and spot any differences. Not sure if board/subsystem swap an option due to previously identified delicacy of connectors etc. but we can discuss when there. More importantly I will have other makes of TTN registered GW’s with me that you can try and satisfy work ok in your locale before looking to buy alternates youself…if you then still want to get rid of your GW after we try then I would look at that cancer charity donation you mentioned :wink:

…what do you think? :sunglasses:

Forumites - sorry for long rambling post but hate to ‘loose’ someone from the community if we can step in and help…

(Grahame Horner) #39

Thanks you for your comments and kind offer, I would very much like not have take small claims action, however this is something a number of us are considering given the experience and (unsuccessful) attempts at try to get help/info or exchanges of gateways. We have waited patiently for a reply on how we can move forward and nothing has been forthcoming, and IMHO ignoring our requests for updates about DOA units is not acceptable in any shape or form.

We have completely ruled out environmental issues by way of a loan (working) gateway.

BTW eight members have the same issue with DOA gateways and one with the reboot loop

TTN. was meant to be a cheap LoRaWan unit to grown a global free to use community network, and IMHO while that idea and concept is great that execution is far for it!

The hype the delays the broken promises, and the fact LoRaWan hardware is readily available cheaper than the TTN Gateway, your right the campaign should not have been about the hardware but about growing the global concept and protocols around an open network using the hardware that was already available

IMHO it seem like they’ve been trying to run before they could walk, either way the very fact we hadn’t had numbers published on failure rate etc. make me more sceptical around the whole thing, like a number of others.

TBH I’m also thinking should I post this given the personal attacks I received for some of the posts voicing our frustrations

(Willem (pe1dlf)) #40

Thank you, Hylke, I’ll go look for my programmer which is collecting dust somewhere… (and the software that’s needed)

(Reinier van der Lee) #41


We are installing a TTN gateway outside in a waterproof cabinet. At room temperature I measure 75C on the package of the SX1301 Baseband chip. In California Summers, we can easily get over 40C, and I expect the inside cabinet temperature to be even higher. Chances are that the die temperature gets too high under these conditions. Using a small heat sink, the temperature was reduced by estim. 35C (40C measured). Recommending this mod for all installations operating under extreme heat conditions.

(Jeff Uk) #42

…and orientate black back away from sun if ‘housing’ in any way transparent/translucent/IR permeable (home/office/outside cabinet!) :wink: Tee Hee…