TTN-Gateway firmware and TTN Packet Forwarder relationship

(Frank Lynam) #1

Hi there,

I have been playing around with building the TTN-Gateway firmware code. I know that the TTN Packet Forwarder development is now on hold but I wonder could someone explain to me the difference in function between the two. Does the TTN-Gateway code essentially contain a packet forwarder? Is it the same as the TTN Packet Forwarder? Am I misunderstanding what a packet forwarder is?

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(Jac Kersing) #2

Yes it does.

No. The TTN Packet Forwarder was written in Go for Linux based embedded systems. The TTN Gateway firmware is written in C for The Things Gateway which is an embedded system without operating system. The Gateway firmware implements a device specific packet forwarder.

(Frank Lynam) #3

Thanks. Now I get it.

(Frank Lynam) #4

One final question. I have downloaded the code from the TTN-Gateway github repo and have tried programming the device using MPLAB IPE with a HEX file created by building in MPLAB IDE. This, however, has failed - i.e. the device is unresponsive. Is this because the HEX file does not include the bootloader alongside the firmware? And if so, is the only way of programming the TTN-Gateway with a customised firmware to use the micro SD method as described here?

(Frank Lynam) #5

That was the issue - i.e. the bootloader was not included with the firmware. I ran the firmware/ and this created a combined HEX file, which I could then program the board with using MPLAB IPE.