TTN gateway in Cologne


Is there anyone here who has an installed gateway in Cologne, in or around this location maps

I have a node close to it, configured on EU868 but am seeing zero traffic or join attempts. (This node was tested earlier in lab and it was working perfectly)

Just wanted to see if someone from the community with access to gateway log could tell me if they are seeing any RF at all from the said node?

Or is there any other way to debug this (I dont have access to a gateway there at present)

Thanks for the help!

Try this map: TTN Coverage
And yes, there is a gateway near the position of your node.
But if we don’t know the Dev Addr of your node, we don’t know what to look for.

At this location their is a active gateway, you will need to find owner, most probably need to nock on the door and ask. (“id”:“eui-b827ebfffe6b1673”)

What do you mean by tested in the lab? Do you have a gateway in the lab? If so you could just use that gateway to see in the console.

If you mean the debug -serial port, you see the node starts up and Serial.print the devEui, appEui and appKey. By no means is this proof that you did not inadvertently had fringe trouble, swamped some bytes around or entered the key in LSB instead of MSB or some thing ells.

With in 3km there are actually 7 active gateways.

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The node dev eui is: 8C1F645441B0003E
configured as:
Europe 863-870 MHz (SF12 for RX2)
LoRaWAN Specification 1.0.3
RP001 Regional Parameters 1.0.3 revision A

Just to clarify, lab where it tested, is not in Cologne.

My attempt here is to find some gateway owner in and around the given map location who could let me know if they are seeing any RF traffic (eg, via gateway logs) at all from this node.


If any of them were seeing traffic, you’d already know because you’d see it on the device console.

Given the number of gateways around Cologne which I’m sure you can see by now having looked at the maps, either the device is in an unfortunate position or is off.

You do have a point. It’s a WLR089U based device, pretty standard stack which has worked elsewhere (AU, IN, US) so I’m a bit stumped here. Guess I will have to wait to get the device back in the lab and diagnose.

What frequency plan is the node set up for?