TTN Gateway Kickstarter edition

Is this still supported? Because whatever I try I can’t connect it to the V3 version of the console. It was connected and online on the V2 version, but I’ve deleted the gateway there and tried to set it up new on the V3 console. The 3rd LED keeps blinking slowly after activation.

Hi Joost, this gateway is supported in V3! Follow this link: The Things Kickstarter Gateway | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

recently bought this gateway
struggled for 3 days - read so many posts on this forum

for some reason the frequency plan was not set (even though it is a mandatory field when the gateway is initially set up) as soon as selected the frequency plan that 3rd LED went solid and connected to TTN

Can you see what version your gateway is at?

I think @joaopp is saying it’s working after a bit of a fight with it.

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Gateway connected to TTN and all working
I have a TTN-001-868-1.0 - The Things Gateway Kickstarter version

Happy to read this.

Although I did not ask for it specificly I was asking for the software version of your KSG. Sorry.

initially on 1.0.7 now on 1.0.8 - firmware upgrade completed through SD card
was only able to connect to TTN after upgrading to 1.0.8

even though i presume that if i would have noticed the frequency plan not setup on the TTN gateway settings i would be able to connect using 1.0.7

I remember that there was an issue with certificates that was solved in the last version.