TTN gateway local info - can't connect?

Trying to connect tohttp://things-gateway.local/

My gateway I’d is 5 char but application is required min 6 char.

How to solve this issue
Thank you

try http://things-gateway.local/info

Hi all !

I was one of the people siging up for the kickstarter gateway package with node and uno. When they arrived I instaklled the gateway and connected it to TTN. But I didn’t have time to dive into using the Node and Uno like I had imagined before, so I just left it. The gateway has been handling messages since.
Recently I picked up learning Python and started to work with Arduino, as I finally have time to dedicate to some hobby projects. And I finally thought about using the Node to experiment a bit. So I connected with TTN console again, to find I need to migrate my gateway to the Stack. That’s fine, but when I checked the instructions how to do that I noticed I need to have software version 1.0.8 on the TTN gateway. Previously I didn’t allow automatic updates, so have done that now on the V2 console. I wanted to check with things-gateway/info or things-gateway.local/info the version of the software, but when I try to connect to the internal webserver I get no connection. Also I did a power off and on cycle, as I understand this to trigger a software update. But how can I verify the software version if the webserver doesn’t respond ?

Thanks in advance !

Addition: I managed to see the /info webpage using a router with DHCP and connecting the TTN gateway and a computer to it by ethernet. I just entered the IP-address of the TTN Gateway I found from the DHCP leases table with /info and it showed up… Just adding this for someone with the same problem.